Joyce Chen (6/10)

    Joyce Chen chef restaurant owner author television personality

    Joyce Chen (September 14, 1917 – August 23, 1994) was a Chinese-American chef, restaurateur, author, television personality, and entrepreneur.

    Joyce Chen was credited with popularizing northern-style Chinese cuisine in the United States, coining the name “Peking Raviolis” for potstickers, inventing and holding a design patent for a flat bottom wok with handle (also known as a stir fry pan), and developing the first line of bottled Chinese stir fry sauces for the US market.

    Starting in 1958, she operated several popular Chinese restaurants in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Chen was diagnosed with dementia in 1985, and succumbed to it in 1994. Her accomplishments and influence on American cuisine were honored by the US Postal Service and by the city of Cambridge.

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