. Sopressa and polenta (9/3)

    1280px Polenta con sopressa e funghi

    Polenta and sopressa are always a hit with us, whether as an aperitif snack, a second meal, or a major course! The PDO Vicenza sopressa (the one with a single “P”) is a smooth and creamy salami with a delicate flavor and spicy scent.

    Polenta has been a staple meal of the Venetian diet for generations (not unexpectedly, we are part of the so-called “polentoni”).

    Happiness is presented with a great cutting board sopressa, a few pieces of toasted polenta or a wonderful ladle of the soft one.

    If you want to make the dinner even more consistent, add a delicious piece of Asiago cheese to the polenta and a tablespoon of woodland mushrooms.

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