Pinza (10/3)


    We finish with a dessert, the “pinza,” which is not to be confused with the Triestine or Bolognese pies, which are prepared in quite different ways. The Venetian vinza does not have a specific recipe; it is a peasant cake made from stale bread and ingredients added at whim, according to what was available at the time and season.

    Dried fruit (pinoli, walnuts), fresh fruit (apples, figs), raisins, and other ingredients can be added. Today, it’s a popular January dessert, when the leftovers from Christmas feasts start to pile up. Although nothing can match the richness and gluttony of tiramisu, we are certain that the combination of rustic and handmade tastes will transport you back to your youth.

    We want to attain these ten dishes from our family’s legacy, which have piqued our interest and piqued our curiosity. Many of them may be made at home (rice and bisis, pliers, tiramisu, etc. ), but others must be experienced in their cultural or geographic setting.

    If you are interested in some particular festival, if you would like to know the name of some typical restaurant/trattoria to recommend or simply have some curiosity about these dishes, indulge yourself in the messages!

    What foods are most associated with your region?

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