Andersons Bar and Grill (8/10)

    Andersons Bar and Grill

    Andersons Bar and Grill is a top-rated steakhouse in Birmingham, specializing in shareable steaks and barbecue alternatives. Many ancient aesthetic features, such as wooden beams and exposed brick walls, have been preserved.

    He works hard to get the best, rarest, and most sustainable beef in the UK, which he cooks to perfection and serves with savoy cabbage and bacon, handmade fries, and tomatoes with basil.

    Andersons Bar and Grill serves one of Birmingham’s most delectable Sunday roasts, cooked in beef fat, on the last Sunday of each month (the way the locals love it). You may purchase meat baskets to be delivered to your house or as a present for a culinary friend.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Andersons Bar and Grill has announced it has closed its doors for the final time due to a ‘catastrophic’ flood back in June 2021.

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