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    Ana Garcia is one of the most vivacious traditional Mexican chefs and teachers in Mexico today. Born in Monterrey, Mexico in 1972 and raised in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico, Chef Ana traces her lineage well beyond the Mexican Revolution. Her great grandfather was a contemporary of the famous and revered revolutionary Emiliano Zapata and post-revolution Senator who participated in founding the first constitution for the State of Morelos. Ana’s great grandmother was a well-know butcher with various stands in the large central mercado, revered for her incredible longaniza and chorizo.

    In 2001, Ana and her husband Robb founded La Villa Bonita Mexican Culinary Vacation® ( a cooking school and culinary vacation destination that combines Chef Ana’s cooking skills and inviting hospitality in a breathtaking setting beneath the Tepozteco Mountain range.  

    She also starred in a 3-part mini-series for Disney Digital called Babble Eats.  She has been a regular guest on Los Angeles’ most popular morning television show, KTLA’s Morning News at 9, explaining major Mexican holidays and culinary traditions.  Chef Ana has also starred in television pilots for PBS and Warner Brothers/Wolper Organization.

    As a restaurant consultant, Chef Ana has trained chefs from all over the world such as the U.S., England, Kenya, South Korea, Germany, and has assisted in restaurant development with the U.S. restaurant chain La Salsa as well as the Nairobi, Kenya restaurant Fonda NBO.

    Chef Ana was the executive chef of the very popular Reposado Restaurant in Cuernavaca for 9 years and in 2007 founded Cafe Cinco, an ecological cafe constructed with recycled products as well as a reduced environmental impact hostal called Tubohotel ( which is made of large concrete tubes. A well-accomplished public speaker, Ana has given culinary demonstrations and lectures about Mexican Cuisine at the Orlando Culinary Institute, the Arizona Culinary Institute, the Chicago Hospitality Institute of Chicago, Central Market Cooking School, and the National Restaurant Association Convention.

    Chef Ana’s passions are maintaining traditional Mexican slow food techniques, fostering good eating habits for kids, employing good environmental practices in daily life ,and promoting healthy eating and living habits for the family. Together with her husband Robb, Ana finds time to raise their three small children, and to pass down her rich history and her passion for food.


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