Haidilao (10/10)


    Haidilao is a chain of hot pot restaurants established in 1994 in Jianyang City, Sichuan Province, serving directly across major provinces, integrating the characteristics of hotpot from all over the world.

    Haidilao has opened 466 directly managed branches worldwide and growing at an annual rate of 5 to 7 stores. Haidilao quickly became a phenomenon in the food industry, with hundreds of shops popping up alternately in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

    This restaurant chain also quickly expanded internationally with locations in the US, Singapore, Australia, Korea and Japan. In terms of revenue, Haidilao ended 2017 with $1.6 billion. In September 2018, Haidilao successfully raised $1 billion through an IPO, pushing the group’s value to $12 billion.

    Zhang and his former wife, Shu Ping, are currently holding 58% shares with total assets of more than 8 billion USD.



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