Steamed Tapioca Layer Cake(Bánh da lợn ) (10/10)


    Pig skin cake is a pretty famous dessert in Vietnam, especially in the southern provinces. In the traditional way, each pig skin cake will have a light yellow layer made from green beans and a green layer made from pandan leaves. In addition, other ingredients such as durian or taro can be used flexibly. 

    The cake consists of many layers overlapping each other with a soft, thin, chewy texture like pigskin. It is known that pork skin cake is one of the famous specialties originating from the Southern provinces. This type of cake can be made and eaten all year round thanks to easy-to-find and easy-to-cook ingredients.

    The cake is soft, supple, and tough like pig skin, so it is so named. Pig skin cake has a cool, sweet and fragrant taste, not boring to eat. Cakes are created with many different shapes and colors, eye-catching and attractive to diners.

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