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Some of the greatest American dishes to have.

Whether you’ve been stuck under a rock or just found your way from the depths of the ocean, you must know that American dishes stand up top at the pinnacle of finger licking wonders. Ok, you can have an exception if you aren’t a native of this region, but regardless, you must have tasted one, if not all of the dishes I’m about to present to you.


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This tops the list due to its never-ending satisfaction and forever dominant presence in just about every eatery you can come across in the present world. Ok not to get carried away but if you haven’t had a burger, I strongly suggest you have one on completing this article, please, I beg of you, thanks.

Burgers come in all forms and have been experimented on over the years to such lengths that they sometimes don’t even look like what they are anymore. Lunch counter, McDonald’s, Burger King, Steak N Shake, In-N-Out, Whataburger, The heart attack grill… No matter where you look, it just seems that there’s a joint where you can get a hold of this wonderful works of art to drive your taste buds bunkers


hot dog


As the saying goes, nothing complements a game quite like a hot dog. That saying deserves a gold star on Wall Street trust me from what I’ve come to find out.

Considering its nature and just how amazing it goes with mustard, or what every cream you have a flair for is quite baffling if you ask me.

Hot dogs have become a mainstay in the American dish ranking ever since the 1916 eating competitions held in its name. We owe a debt to Frankfurt Germany and of cause Mr. Charles Feltman for bringing this awesome meal to our doorsteps.

Philly cheese steak.

Philly cheese steak.


Popular for its juicy take into the beef craft, this amazing wonder of the world is so amazing that it has its own proclaimed stance. Yes, no kidding, a meal developed by the locals of Philadelphia and made of frizzled beef, chopped up while being grilled in cheese, this meal would leave you drooling and definitely in the signature stance, “the Philadelphia Lean.”

N.B best experienced in person.

The Philly cheese stake gets its well renowned greasy feel from onions and cheese which is laid into a long locally made Amoroso bun.

Ever since they were first made by Pat and Harry Olivieri, this dish has become a cult favorite and is served in just any diner you pass by.




Making our list of cause are nachos. Nothing comes close to this dense calorie meal best accompanied to a pitcher of margaritas.

Just across the border, in good old Mexico is where this piece originated from. Named after its creator, Ignacio “Nacho” Anya, surprisingly was developed as a quick rustle meal to satisfy customers within closing hours, and from there it’s gone across the borders, so far to even become a house meal in some homes with families having their special recipes.


SOURCE: Pixabay

The legend goes that in 1943, a visionary named Ike Sewell open the Uno’s Pizzeria in Chicago with the idea of revolutionizing pizza which was originally a snack into a more reformed dish.

He and his chef Rudy Malnati working handing in hand developed the first masterpiece by stuffing and piling the pizza high, with a tall buttery crust, lots of meat, cheese, tomato chunks and Italian spices, my God I wish I were present to experience their revolutional cuisine.

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