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Preparing to host can be a daunting task when you feel pressured to do something special.  For those who haven’t hosted in a while, sticking to the familiar can be convenient, but what if there was a way to up the ante?

You may be more familiar with what was passed down to you from your parents, and possibly what was passed down from their parents.  You can always add a new touch to an old tradition, right?  Why not start your own?  Without a doubt, what’s new today, will be old tomorrow, but you can’t go wrong with staying true to yourself.  If you’re looking for ways to bridge the old with the new, here are some simple tips.

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In the food sphere, healthier eating is more encouraged than ever; organic, non-GMO, grass-fed, farm to table…the list goes on.  This obvious reason to eat healthier is to enjoy a healthier life, but if you’re entertaining, the standard can get lost somewhere.  This is totally understandable, most people attend parties, and even small gatherings looking to eat good food and many have equated good food to food that tastes great but isn’t the best for you.  Even if some of your guests are health watching their figures, guests won’t ask if the fruit in the sangrias is certified organic, or if the salmon served is wild-caught. 

Many see eating fresh or healthy as a big sacrifice, and they are not willing to sacrifice their reputation of serving less-than par food.  However, if this is something you’d like to take on yourself, know that it’s possible to serve good for that is healthy and tasty.  It’s no secret that the options for healthier eating are more than ever and this is a greater time than ever.  Many catering companies and restaurants that cater have embraced this turn to healthy options.

One way to introduce more fresh ingredients is to abandon this subconscious rule, every dish doesn’t have to have meat incorporated in it.  You can make great soups with blended veggies and broths, you can substitute avocado for much of the fattiness, after all, fat equals flavor. Let’s not forget dessert, organic fresh berries, with fresh whipped cream on top could never disappoint. These are just a few of the possibilities to incorporate freshness your meals need.


It is said that before we take a bite we “eat with our eyes”.  This is not only a universal truth but a timeless one as well.  No matter your background no matter your culture, you will envision how your meal will taste before you taste it.  When your food is placed before you, you have a subconscious notion about what you will experience, your mood can even be swayed upon looking at your plate.  How can one who prefers simplicity in design still present something memorable?  A pinch of style and a pop of color. There are many ways to go about this, why not use flowers?

Flowers are not only very popular in design, but they make delicate statements that are catchy to the eye.  To complete your aesthetically appealing arrangement, how about applying some pops of color? No matter how rustic or simplistic, quirky or clean your style may be, cool colors can bring everything together nicely.


Clean plating is very popular nowadays.  However, clean plating makes such an artistic statement that is hard to deny these days.  This is a beautiful way to showcase the meal as the star of the show.  You can also plate this way with platters, just think, your Thanksgiving turkey can be plated without arrangements that weigh more than the turkey itself.  The turkey’s golden, crispy skin with embedded herbs and spices could be the focal point, other than carrots, celery, and potatoes.  They don’t have to be kicked off the plate, they just don’t need to be loaded on, less is more. 

Creating your own style and touch can be very special.  Treating your white plate like a blank canvas.  There is something that is invaluable about stretching yourself to more creative heights and to hear your guests rave about it.  Whether you’re new to hosting, or you’re just looking to do something fresh, learning about the latest trends, taking a few tips from your favorite magazine can help a lot.  All this can be done all while you add your flair.  What are you waiting for?  Do something new and special.

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Vanessa Green
Vanessa Green
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