Thursday, September 16, 2021

Sovi Wines Debuts Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Rosé

Sovi Wine Co., a Sommelier-owned non-alcoholic wine company, launched today the first product in their wine collection – a fresh and authentic non-alcoholic rosé. Crafted with premium, sustainably grown grapes from California vineyards, Sovi Rosé is bubbly yet dry with aromas of pink grapefruit, cherry, and watermelon. Sovi Sparkling Rosé is now available for purchase online with shipment directly to your door.

“As wine lovers ourselves, we founded Sovi with a passionate, yet rebellious spirit to finally offer consumers a refreshing, non-alcoholic wine without compromising flavor or experience,” says Julia Littauer, Co-Founder of Sovi and former Sommelier. “Sovi is perfect for people who have a heart for wine and a craving for inclusion.”

From harvest to bottling, Sovi partners with winemakers using traditional methods, achieving the flavor, texture and balance you would expect from a traditional glass of wine. Sovi then uses a state-of-the-art technology to remove the alcohol from their wines, while preserving those delicate aromas and flavors that make each varietal unique. The process of crafting Sovi’s premium, non-alcoholic wine embodies all the history, the tradition, the ritual of making a classic bottle of infamous California wine, but without the alcohol.

Non-Alcoholic Sovi Sparkling Rose
Sovi Sparkling Rose

As the ‘Sober Curious’ movement grows, consumers are actively seeking alternatives to alcohol that don’t compromise on taste or experience. Sovi empowers those refraining from drinking alcohol with a choice, a tasty choice.

“Our goal at Sovi is to grow an authentic non-alcoholic wine segment, establishing it as a core part of America’s drinking culture,” says Alex Littauer, Co-Founder of Sovi. “So whether you are the DD, the marathon runner, the early riser, the parent-afraid-of-a-hangover, or the water-between-wines friend, grab a glass and enjoy.”

Sovi is sparkling dealcoholized wine from sustainably grown Tempranillo grapes in California. Sovi does not need any unnecessary sugars or added flavors, making each serving only 25 calories. Consumers can purchase a Sovi Sparkling Rosé 4-pack of 8oz cans for $24.00 to be delivered directly to their door.

To learn more and to order Sovi today, please and follow Sovi on Instagram at

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