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Street Food in Amsterdam

Haven’t tried local street food here as yet? Then you know nothing about this amazing city with an almost millennia-old history and contemporaries that breathe the sweet air of freedom.

Stalls with street food are spread widely throughout the Amsterdam: from popular tourist spots to little-know for visitors routes. So the tasty and nourishing food will be always at hand. And it is cheap, as street food is to be. Prices will not hit your wallet. On the contrary, you can even save some money and visit a couple of museums. So, what is being sold on the streets of this beautiful city? The short answer to that is ‘everything’ – well, almost everything: ranging from pickled herring “Haring” to a sweet dessert ‘Stroopwafels’.  

1. Haring

But the first thing that is worth a try is a fish, of course.  Gifts of the North Sea you will easily find in the streets of Amsterdam. The main seafood dish is the Dutch pickled herring “Haring”. It is very popular in Netherlands. For example, in May, stores and fish market have gathered the crowd of people when they receive fresh catch. More frequently, however, they sell raw or pickled herring in Amsterdam. It is interesting that locals prefer pickled herring seasoned with chopped onion whereas guests of the city more willingly buy raw fish.

here is a special ritual how to eat Dutch herring correctly. If you do not want to be caught unaware, then remember: take fish by tail (commonly they sell tail part of fish in Amsterdam), tilt the head back, open mouth widely and place herring in. Yes, yes, whole fish.  The method is extravagant just like all in the Holland.  I heard it doesn’t always work the first time that is why it will be good to practice this at home before travelling to Amsterdam.

2. “Bitterball” or “Kroketten”

If you think that fish is the “meat” of the vegetarians, and you want a real protein, then buy “Bitterball” or “Kroketten” from a street vendor. These are pan-seared balls from chopped meat (beef or veal), meat broth, flour, oil and spices (kind of nourishing  meat stew).  In fact, this is the same dish, the only difference is in their shape. The former one is round and the latter is of cylindrical shape. Both crochets and bitterballs are very popular in Amsterdam. For locals it is unhealthy but tasty food. 

3. Frites

As a garnish, Amsterdam Street Food offers “Frites” . it is kind of Dutch fries. Rather mayonnaise than ketchup is popular as a seasoning here. Street cooks use a lot of oil to make fries that is why they really look well-done. One portion can feed several people.

4 . Stroopwafels

From sweet, please try the popular Amsterdam street dessert – “Stroopwafels”. This is a “sandwich” from two large round waffles with caramel syrup and cinnamon between them. This is very gentle delicacy. Warm waffles, impregnated with sweet syrup, literally melt in the mouth. By the way, they  sell solid “Stroopwafels” too. Don’t worry, it is not a fake. But there is a catch. Order a cup of hot coffee in the street cafe, hold it over the solidified waffle and “Voila” – it is soft and gentle as it should be.

Conclusion: In general, thanks to Amsterdam Street Food, you won’t starve at least.

Even if you have a very busy tourist program and there is no time to fully eat in one of the many restaurants of the Dutch city. As a maximum, having tasted local street delicacies and chatting with sellers about weather, price or football, you can say: “I know you, Amsterdam!”.

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