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Street Food in Rostov-on-Don, Russia

Rostov-on-Don is a port city and the administrative center of the Rostov area and the Southern Federal District of Russia. It lies in the southeastern part of the East European Plain on the Don River, 32 kilometers from the Sea of Azov. The southwestern suburbs of the city abut the Don River delta. The population is over one million people.

Rostov-on-don is a very old city. Here you can meet really old houses. But the city developing very fast. On the same street, you can see the old and modern architecture buildings.

So what about food? Do you think if Rostov-on -Don is situated on the river that local food will be fish? It is not really true. Of course, you find a lot of places, especially the food market where you can buy river fish. But if you want a quick snack on your way, you will look for shawarma store or pancake store.

Shawarma is a dish in Middle Eastern cuisine consisting of meat cut into thin slices, stacked in a cone-like shape, and roasted on a slowly-turning vertical rotisserie or spit. Originally made of lamb or mutton, today’s shawarma may also be chicken, turkey, beef, or veal. Thin slices are shaved off the cooked surface as it continuously rotates.

 Shawarma is one of the world’s most popular street foods, especially in Egypt and the countries of the Levant, the Arabian Peninsula, and beyond. Of course, local people don’t know how to do it. Emigrants work all of the shawarma stores.

Another street food is pancake. The Pancake network was created in 2004 and for 15 years of its existence, it has been the leader in the catering market in the Southern Federal District.

The network of  Pancake unites 2 directions: street trading in the street-food format based on pancake stalls and stationary pancake cafes working in the fast-casual format.

 Pancake is a healthy fast food, where dishes bring a feeling of satiety and at the same time do not harm health, because they are made from natural products.

 Pancake it is really the local story. Although pancakes love in many countries all in the world Eastern-Slavic cuisines have a long tradition of pancake cooking and include a large variety of pancake types. In Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine, pancakes may be breakfast food, appetizer or dessert.

Blini are thinner than pancake. Blini cooking dates back to pagan traditions and feasts, which are reflected in today’s “pancake week” which called Maslenitsa celebrated in the winter before the Great Lent. In pre-Christian times, blini were considered by early Slavic peoples as a symbol of the sun, due to their round form.

 In conclusion, I would like to say shawarma and pancake – very popular street food all in the world.

Street food point is found all around the world but varies greatly between regions and cultures.

New policies and regulations are made all the time to make sure each vendor is selling safe and healthy food to the rest of society. Unfortunately eating on the street always accompanied by risk to be poisoning or just harmful. Most street food vendors do not provide many healthy options on their menu, about 70% of vendors said they on have one item that is considered to be healthy on the entire menu.

Living in the city you see a food truck or multiple parked on every street, there are many varieties of trucks such as burgers, falafel, sandwiches, pizza, and many more.

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