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Street Food In Switzerland: Part:1

Switzerland is a country of cheeses, chocolate, watches, palaces, edelweiss, alluring snow-capped peaks, vineyards, chic ski slopes and devilishly beautiful views, as well as high-mountain cuisine, born in a long winter. Having arrived here for the first time, many admit that they would like to “burn old age” in these parts. But it seemed to me that you should not put off the best for later. Friedrich Nietzsche once joked that this country is so beautiful that I would like to die of delight, but it’s better to live and enjoy all the same.

Long popular on the international culinary scene, street food has recently started to surface in Switzerland. The Streetfood Festival Lucerne is a delicious homage to the trend, with some 80 stands preparing and selling cuisine from around the world. Gathering on Lucerne’s covered outdoor ice rink to celebrate, among other things, live cooking, will be hobby chefs, professional caterers and food trucks. If you’re a dab hand in the kitchen, why not register to host your own stand? Alternatively, just go along and enjoy the unusual snacks and meals, all freshly prepared and for a reasonable price. Entrance is free.

An example of a Swiss ham sandwich. Such a sandwich can be prepared not only for breakfast, but also for dinner. A great combination of smoked ham, cheese and vegetables should appeal to every member of the family. Fry this sandwich is best in a grill pan and serve hot. Such sandwiches can also be prepared for outdoor recreation, because in the open air there is always a good appetite.

Street cuisine abounds with a variety of sweets, rolls, and baguettes.

Also in respect, always Rosti (Potato). Finely grated potatoes, fried in a pan until crisp and golden, Rosti is one of the most significant national dishes of Switzerland. Although no one knows when the first growth was cooked, farmers in the canton of Bern traditionally ate it for breakfast. It is currently found throughout the country and during meals. For a brilliant winter interpretation, treat yourself to Rosti Valaisanne, from the canton of Valais. Steamed in a ceramic dish, Rosti Valaisanne is a delightfully exciting roast mashed potatoes, topped with salted bacon, fried egg and melted cheese raclette, served with spicy gherkins and pickled pearl onions.

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