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Street Food In Switzerland: Part:2

Some have argued that Swiss food doesn’t exist, in certain respects. The point is that  the best Swiss dishes typically come from many regional food  and specialties found across country’s 26 cantons. You will find top Swiss meals  with strong  French, German and north Italian influences, with bases of Swiss cheeses, potatoes and traditional Swiss ingredients that were readily available to the first Alpine farmers. You certainly won’t go hungry in Switzerland. 

At the Zurich Food truck Street Food Festival  one can taste delicious food  from all over the world! Summer vibes in Switzerland with byebyemimi and lovefoodish. Enjoy good music, good  food  and  good company.

The Zurich Food Street Festival scene is booming particularly as regards Street Food Festivals. However, the phenomenon is not just limited to Zurich  .  Street Food Festivals take  place all over Switzerland. They are a great opportunity to try out international specialties and learn more about world food trends.  And as you’re buying from Food Trucks and in the open air it makes for a social occasion where you can meet up with friends and try different food. Click on the links to find out more in the listings below.

Swiss pizza and sausage   is a mélange of cultures, which reflects in the food. The influence of the three main cultures (German, French, and Italian) are prevalent. You can grab an Italian pizza, which is much less doughy and greasy than the American counterpart, or a warm cheesy flatbread.

There are numerous stands to grab a German sausage. I am not a big meat person and especially not sausage (the whole idea really creeps me out), so I am not the best person to discuss the different types of wurst.

All I know is that at the stands, it is not just hotdogs. There are normally three or more types of sausages to choose from. I know the white one is veal. They are served with a Büürli (white bread bun) and mustard, and I heard that one of the best is from Sternen Grill in Zürich.

Specifically Swiss foods are of course available, like Raclette or Zurich’s own Zürigschnätzlets (finely sliced veal with mushrooms in a cream sauce).

Sweet pie : If you have a sweet tooth, then you  must try  this. Nusstorte is a nut tart, comprising of short crust pastry, caramelised sugar, cream and chopped walnuts. If you talk about Switzerland street food, there are mainly two varieties of nusstorte found here, namely Bünder nusstorte and the Engadiner nusstorte, named after the Graubünden canton where it originated. The perfect fusion of cream and nuts is drool-worthy and treated as an absolute delight for dessert lovers.

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