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Street Food Tour in Sri Lanka

 Sri Lanka is a unique country in the world where you can see and feel everything from temples and ancient archaeological sites, wildlife parks and tea plantations to golden beaches and mountains shrouded in clouds.  And today we’ll talk about the kitchen.

 So what do local people eat

 Like true Buddhists, Sri Lankans practically do not eat meat and very rarely consume poultry.  The basis of most dishes is vegetables, rice, fish and spices.  in the center plate always rice.  Around it are placed various curry sauces – a mixture of ginger, turmeric, pepper, coriander, cinnamon, garlic. 

 1. The first position, of course, is rice and curry.

 Rise & Curry is a symbol of the country.  Curry is made from anything – fish, seafood, meat, vegetables, fruits, beans.  The obligatory composition of curry spices is curry leaves, turmeric, coriander, chili.  For some dishes, cardamom, cinnamon, cumin, mustard seeds, ginger and others can also be used.

 2. Hoppers or hoppers with an egg.

 bowl shaped pancakes.  They are prepared from rice flour with the addition of coconut milk.  If you want such a pancake with a fried egg inside – this is already Bitara Appra (Bittara arra), and if coconut flakes go inside – dessert Hakuru appa (Hakuru arra). 

3. Cottu.  finely chopped roti cakes, to which are added either vegetables, or meat, or cheese.  Unforgettable, delicious Cottu Roti is from street vendors.

 Popular, street food of Sri Lanka.  It consists of shredded bread (paratha), spices, toppings to choose from – meat, vegetable, egg, cheese.

4. In the evening, by the sea, you can try fresh seafood and cooks can even cook lobster just caught by the fishermen.

5. A local market opens every Sunday. People buy food for the whole week. Merchants who sit directly on the ground scream loudly at the names of the products. Trade is very active.


 In Sri Lanka, you can eat at almost every corner.  These are mainly street eateries, cafes, restaurants.

 Do not be afraid to eat in street venues.  The chance to taste stale and tasteless food is higher in cafes and restaurants.  On the street, dishes are prepared before your eyes, and if many customers are sitting in this eatery, then the products are definitely fresh, the reputation of the establishment is not tainted by anything.

Come and try it yourself.

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