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Street Foods In Brazil 2: Churrasco, Acarajé, Coxinha

Brazil: In order to feel the spirit of the country, you need to try all the street food that is offered here. There are dishes with different roots on street stalls – look for culinary inspiration among Latin American gaucho, Lebanese immigrants, Portuguese colonialists. And many more, because Brazil is a real melting pot for representatives of different cultures and races.

1. Churrasco | Churrasco

Brazilian meat dishes are divided into everyday and “special”. Churrasco belongs to the second category. Brazilians cook it on weekends – have a family lunch or dinner with friends. This is not a stereotype: in the 21st century, tradition is alive, as it was 100 years ago.

Churrasco is a way of frying meat. It is cooked on charcoal in barbecue churrasqueira or on an open fire with skewers. The secret is that the meat is not pickled, but generously sprinkled with coarse salt and sent to the fire. Churrasco love to cook beef with fat. The steak is rolled so that the fat saturates the meat. So the Brazilians manage to keep the meat juicy even with a strong roast.

2. Acarajé | Akaraj

Appetizing Brazilian street food with juicy crab filling. The taste of batter resembles falafel. It is made from the flour of beans, which are similar to chickpeas, beans and peas at the same time. Crispy mincemeat hides minced crab, cashew, yellow and red tomatoes with ginger, garlic and aromatic spices. Chefs can add whole mini shrimp to the appetizer and do not spare the hot pepper sauce. Fatty, spicy, but impossible to come off – Brazilian street food is popular with tourists from all over the world.

 3. Coxinha | Koshchinya

Juicy golden coxinha cutlets in Brazil are worth a try twice: hot and chilled. Appetizer made from chicken thighs. Legend has it that Princess Isabel’s cunning chef invented it with shreds. Her moody son ate only chicken legs for dinner. Once they were not found in the house. The cook chopped the thighs, knead the batter on the chicken broth, sprinkled the meatballs with crackers and deep-fried.

A crispy rosy snack has taken root in the royal house, and its recipe has gradually spread throughout Brazil. Since then, he has not changed. Out of respect for the resourceful chef, Brazilian coxinha cutlets are cooked in the shape of a chicken thigh. They can be bought in eateries, ordered in restaurants or found in supermarkets in the form of semi-finished products.

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