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Street foods in Nigeria

If you walked down the streets of any state in Nigeria you would have to agree with me that it’s not the same thing as walking down a street anywhere else in the world. Around every corner you would find something to eat and this article wants to give you a little glimpse of six food items you can find on the Nigerian streets.

Street foods in Nigeria


Street foods in Nigeria: puffpuff
Puff Puf SOURCE : Wikimedia Commons

Don’t be surprised if you come across a food item that looks like this. This is what we call puff puff made from yeas,  flour and sugar it is one of the popular Nigerian snacks. It can come in many variations some containing pepper and even onions. It is deep fried in oil and served in old newspapers and a black nylon bag. Delicious, cheap and unique to the Nigeria!

1024px Suya bbq
Suya Vendor Source : Wikimedia Commons


Suya SOURCE:Wikimedia Commons

The list of Nigerian Street food can never be complete if I didn’t mention suya. Suya is basically roasted meat covered in a peppery powdery spice. It is made from chicken, prawns, beef or even rams.

The meat is cut into small pieces and usually roasted on a wooden stick. Suya outlets abound on the Nigerian streets with places like Yahuza suya being a leader in the industry in Abuja. It’s is sold in the evenings and usually would not be made in the early mornings. This street food is a must try for anyone coming to Nigeria.


1024px Nigerian goat meat stew with jasmine rice
Rice and Stew SOURCE: Wikimedia Commons

Another street food you would easily find on our streets is rice and stew. This dish is made by almost all tribes in Nigeria

The dish is served in a take away pack and can be accompanied with beef, shaki, dodo (fried plantains) and vegetable salad. This is definitely a dish you would like to try if you paid a visit to Nigeria but take care as the stew can be very spicy.


Abacha. SOURCE: Wikimedia Commons

This delicious dish is a variation of the salad available in the Western World. It is made from locally sourced ingredients and garnished with onions, palm oil and vegetable leaves. It is a delicacy and is sold usually with a piece of meat or roasted yam. It tastes nothing like the Western salad so be prepared for a unique tasting experience.


Amala And Ewedu
SOURCEWikimedia Commons

This is another dish that is available on the Nigerian streets. This dish is simply cooked yam flour served with ewedu leaves and stew. The lady in the picture was happy to show off her delicious food as she sold to a passer by. The dish is traditional to Yoruba communities and can only be found in the western states of Nigeria.



This bean dish is very popular on Nigerian streets, it is made up of well cooked brown beans pour over boiled yams and topped with stew. The stew made for Ewa agoyin is unique and delicious. It is made from palm oil and traditional spices.Ewa agoyin is also served with fried plantains and is popular in states like Lagos State. Some Nigerians believe that you haven’t lived until you tried the Ewa agoyin dish.

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