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Sweet Cheese and Wine in Swiss

Chocolate made in Switzerland can be considered the main symbol of this state, along with banks, watches and famous cheeses. The popularity of such a product is unlimited. Given the excellent quality standards, the use of natural products, chocolate from Switzerland has gained an excellent reputation throughout the world. It has an incomparable aroma, rich, bright and intense taste. It is important to know that milk chocolate was first made in Switzerland, so you should pay attention to well-known brands and varieties of the product.

Today we will talk about sweets from Switzerland. It was here that the world’s first solid chocolate bar appeared. And the world famous Nestle brand is also from there.

To brew a hot cocoa drink before the Swiss. But it was in this country that hard tiles were made from this raw material. They immediately received recognition, because it is not only tasty, but very convenient in terms of storage and transportation

In this country, chocolate products can be divided into two groups – handmade and factory-made. The first is an elite, premium, more expensive. The second, “mass” produced in factories, is available to everyone, and it is often no less tasty than expensive.

This is how chocolate is made in a factory.

And this is a simple Swiss homemade cupcake recipe. Of course, every mistress of the alpine meadows praises her own secret cooking, so every cupcake is unique and filled with love.

Switzerland is the birthplace of the most delicious cheese. Swiss cheese has the same impeccable reputation as a Swiss bank, as well as a Swiss watch. Well, if something is being produced in this country, then only at the highest level. This is the mentality. About 450 varieties of cheese are produced in Switzerland. In 99% of cases, cow’s milk is used, in other cases, sheep and goat’s milk.

A written reference has been preserved around the year 1000 that peasants from the canton of Glarus paid tithing to the Zekingen monastery (today Germany, Baden-Württemberg) with the cheese of the Schabziger variety. To this day, this cheese is made exclusively in the Glarus canton from skim milk with the addition of certain herbs, especially fenugreek, and is one of the few green varieties of cheese. The recipe for this cheese was invented supposedly in the 8th century.

Switzerland is not only the world famous Swiss chocolate and cheese (as well as Swiss watches, banks, pharmaceuticals and many other locomotives of the national economy). Few people know that the Swiss have another reason for pride. And this, of course, is Swiss wine.

What wines to try in Switzerland? Sweet, dry, tart – the national assortment is simply amazing! Each branch is grown on ecologically clean lands of the Alpine Republic, and production in accordance with the highest standards of Swiss quality allows you to pour not just an alcoholic drink, but the taste of summer itself.

What countries do you think are the main consumers of Swiss wines? The answer is quite simple: they are not. The Swiss love their wine and prefer to consume it themselves (and not only drink it, but also, for example, in cooking fondue). Less than 1 percent of all products are exported!

Today, Swiss wine is produced in almost all regions of the Alpine republic: from the southwest (cantons of Valais, Vaud, Geneva and Ticino)

On an area of ​​about 15,000 ha, more than 50 different grape varieties are grown, which provides a wide range of local wines. A different climate in different parts of the country allows us to produce both excellent white and red wines.

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