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Sydney is a city that can endlessly surprise any tourist. Even for a gourmet, this metropolis has its own paradise, and this is the Fish Market. Sydney Fish Market is a truly stunning, extraordinary and interesting place. Every traveler must visit it. The Fish Market is located on the coast, and it is best to start exploring it in the early morning.

  1. As the sun rises, Sydney Fish Market begins its awakening. Employees tidy up the shelves, put freshly caught fish, shellfish, shrimp, lobster, crab, octopus, lobster, oysters, and other seafood on the ice. The fish market always sparkles with cleanliness, merchants are smiling and welcoming, and shop windows are full of variety – this is a kind of calling card of the Australian metropolis. Only fresh products are always sold here.
  2. The fish market in Sydney has nothing to do with any kind of hypermarket, where people stash food for a week, and even more so with fetid Asian bazaars. There is no flea market and lines, the market is more like a fair with a rich assortment and very convenient infrastructure. Of course, here you can buy something home, or you can sit in the many cafes and take your time to try the freshest sea delicacies.
  3. For tourists and visitors to Sydney, there are several restaurants in the Fish Market that can cook selected seafood delicacies. This is very convenient, especially for those who are driving through the city or staying at a hotel and are not able to independently prepare the desired dish. For those who are hungry and not ready to wait, ready-made food is sold: shrimp kebabs, lobster in cheese sauce, grilled scallops and much more.
  4. Sydney Fish Market rightfully takes the place of one of the city’s most popular attractions. It can not be called a market in the classical sense of the word. They don’t come here for the purchase of food products for a week, buyers with big bags are not hustling. Fish Market is more like a fair, where you can have a good time, see unusual “exhibits”, make funny photos and treat yourself to delicious food.
  5. Although the Fish Market is not a historical or architectural monument of Sydney, but it is a very popular place, both among the residents of the city and among the guests of the metropolis.

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