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Take Out Review- Primavera Pizza

We live a busy family life. The ideal of a fresh home cooked dinner, set out on a dining room table is wonderful. For our family, it’s just not that realistic! Busy work schedule and being parents of a busy toddler make knowing where to get good, affordable take out a must.

Primavera Pizza in Clifton Park, NY.

We’ve got many, many fast food options in the capital region of upstate New York. Pizza, however is a family favorite of ours, and of most families around us. There are many pizza options as well. Here, I will review my experience at my family’s personal favorite pizzeria in the capital region, Primavera Pizza in Clifton Park, NY.

Primavera Pizza

Primavera Pizza is tucked into a corner spot in an unimposing strip mall in Clifton Park. The green, red and white sign are noticeable from the highway, but because the pizzeria sits off the road, it’s easy to miss. The door is located on the left side of the building, hard for passing traffic to pick out.

Primavera Pizza

Wonderful smells of Italian seasonings

Immediately upon entering the establishment, you are greeted by the familiar, wonderful smells of Italian seasonings. A friendlier-than average face welcomes you in and offers assistance.

The standard lineup of ready-to-serve slices lie behind the glass display. Classics like pepperoni, sausage, meatball, and plain cheese are available, as well as more complex slices such as buffalo chicken, hawaiian, barbeque chicken, and broccoli. There was also a decent amount of garlic knots in a large silver bowl, ready to be headed and served to incoming guests

Primavera Pizza

For us, tonight’s order was a meatball and cheese calzone for my wife and I to share, and a slice of pepperoni pizza for my daughter. Both arrived home still warm and ready to eat. The calzone was wrapped in strong tin foil and didn’t even get soggy on the trip home.

The flavors all there, and the crust was perfectly crispy and delicious.

My toddler enjoyed half of her pepperoni slice, and I was able to confirm that the other half was indeed good. The flavors all there, and the crust was perfectly crispy and delicious. The cheese on the pizza is always fresh, and even slices up well when cutting it into tiny pieces for little mouths

We had ordered take out from Primavera many times before, but this was the first time that I can remember ordering a meatball calzone. We usually order calzones from Brooke’s Pizza in Ballston Lake – so I was looking forward to giving this one a try. From the quality that I’ve experienced with their other products, I expected this meal to be just as great as the others that I’ve enjoyed thus far.


Unsurprisingly, I was not disappointed! The same crispiness of the crust that I am used to with the pizzas came across perfectly with this calzone. Inside, the calzone had perfectly equal portions of ricotta, melted mozzarella, and meatballs. The marinara-style dipping sauce was light and flavorful, which brought the entire meal together.

My family has ordered from this restaurant many times without issue. We’ve ordered for large groups and ordered for just ourselves. We’ve never been disappointed with a meal from Primavera, ever. Other great menu selections include the buffalo wings (large wings cooked perfectly crispy) and salads (cool and crispy, made with fresh veggies).

Primavera will always be one of my favorites!

Overall, Primavera has become a family favorite due to the consistent quality of all of the food on the menu, the speed of preparation, and family feel of the restaurant. Every time I’ve gone, a friendly face has treated me kindly and focused on personal customer satisfaction. There are many different pizzerias in upstate New York – this will always be one of my favorites!

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Schuyler Traudt
Schuyler Traudt
I am a father, husband, foodie, and tech enthusiast living in Saratoga County, New York. I have spent the past decade traveling the country working for a software company out of Albany, New York. In my spare time, when not spending time with my wife and two year old daughter, I blog at and enjoy dining out and cooking at home.


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