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Thai Foods

Lovers of food enjoy traveling the world and sampling foods from various cultures. Any foodie can admit that Thai food is one of the best foods one should try. However, it may not be palatable for people who are not used to spicy and hot flavors. The balance of ingredients and flavors is what makes Thai food stand out. Most Thai cuisines are healthy and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

The best way to learn about a culture is through food. Most cultures, including Thai, have a history of why they eat and prepare foods in a particular way. Thailand is one of the most popular destinations globally, all thanks to great food and cheap cost of living. Also, Thai people are warm and friendly, increasing the feel-good experience tourists look for. This article will give you interesting facts about Thai foods and restaurants.

Thai food is prepared uniquely and is also eaten differently. Understanding their heritage and ways assists other people in appreciating their culture. Most of their food is associated with their struggles and festivals without forgetting their signature spices and why they prefer some herbs to others during food preparation.

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Thai people enjoy eating meals together. It is like Thai people to share their meals and they enjoy while at it. A family eats from a single large bowl, and if the meal comprises many sub dishes, there will be different bowls for that. It may be a strange experience, especially for foreigners that people do not eat on their plates. Consuming more than others is considered impolite in Thai culture.

Thai foods are mainly prepared to form fresh ingredients, and their chefs tend to avoid any preserved foods. A typical meal is made of fresh fruit and vegetables, dried products or goods are hardly used. The fact that fresh ingredients are used for food preparations makes it very healthy. Thailand being a tropical country, fresh food is always at every corner, making components affordable.

Rice is the staple food for many Asian countries, and Thailand embraces that quite well. A lot of Thai cuisines have a bit of rice as the main course or a condiment.  Rice is an essential part of their culture and is one of the hugest rice exporters. To spice up matters, rice is prepared in all forms and shapes to avoid monotony.

Thai foods

Thai cuisines and foods have an exceptional balance in terms of flavor, making them unique. The fantastic tastes come from a combination of spices that Thai chefs use when cooking. They make their food salty by adding fish and shrimp sauces. The sweetness comes from fruits extracts and palm sugar that is added to foods. A few herbs add up a little spice to a dish if the chef needs the effect. All the herbs, condiments, and spices make Thai food so irresistible.  Thai chefs are very attentive to cooking and mixing up the spices to bring about a unique balance.

Thai people enjoy eating a lot from snacks, drinks to main meals. Inquiring whether one has dined is common in Thailand, just like a form of greeting. It is considered polite to offer visitors food and always snack. A shock to many people is that foods are not assigned to a particular time of the day. Most foods are eaten at any time of the day, be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Every dish has a signature taste of the four ss: sour, sweet, salty, and spicy.

Fun fact: Thai food is eaten using a fork and spoon. Many foreigners think that Thai food is eaten like Chinese food using chopsticks.

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