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Thai street food:Som tam,Massaman curry and Tom Kha

Thai street food is an extremely popular form of selling edible foods throughout Southeast Asia. Thailand is no exception. A distinctive feature – the point of sale is either directly in the open air or in the hangar. The assortment of plus-minus products is the same: portioned national and European dishes, snacks, presented in different versions.

Som There | Som tam

A very popular vegetarian Thai dish that builds savory lovers’ tastes. As part of Som Tam, crispy green papaya, green beans, peanuts, tomatoes, and dressing is prepared on the basis of lime with garlic and chili. It is good to try this salad in Thailand in company with something neutral like rice or fried noodles, so as not to interrupt its bright taste, but to slightly quench the spiciness.

From Thailand you can bring green papaya (sold in the markets). True, they will have to cook Som There at home almost immediately – it is not stored for long. It also makes sense to buy lime juice in a plastic or glass bottle.

Massaman curry | Massaman curry

If you don’t like spicy dishes, but certainly want to join the Thai cuisine, choose massaman curry. Tender stew (chicken or beef) in a spicy sauce based on coconut milk with spices, potatoes and cashews or peanuts. A vegetarian version in Thailand is cooked with tofu. Massaman curry always turns out to be sweetish, melting in the mouth, very satisfying. It is usually eaten with rice. In the annual list of 50 of the tastiest dishes in the world, compiled by CNN, massaman curry took the 1st place twice (and has never left the top 50 since 2011).

If you liked this Thai dish, bring a jar of massaman curry pasta home. It is sold in large glass jars and is found in large hypermarkets such as Big — C or Tesco.

Tom Kha | Tom kha

Outside of Thailand, this dish is often called thai coconut soup. Slightly sweet, moderately spicy, slightly spicy coconut milk soup with chicken, mushrooms, lime juice and fresh herbs. This version of the dish is called Tom Kha Kai. If you want to try Tom Kha with shrimp, take Tom Kha Kung. Coconut soup in Thailand is often eaten with rice. If you plan to learn Thai cuisine at home, bring coke milk or cream, lemongrass, lime juice from your vacation. Or buy a ready-made set for cooking Tom Kha. It can be an excellent gastronomic souvenir.

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