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The best in Buffalo, NY!Part two

In this second part of my “best in Buffalo” series, I will continue to guide my readers to what Google reviewers have labeled as “the best” as well as offer my own opinions and my favorites! So, without further ado, let’s get back to it!

The best in Buffalo, NY: Where can I find the best pizza?

Where can I find the best pizza?

Jay’s Artisan Pizzeria

Jay’s Artisan Pizzeria is exactly as described, a pizzeria! It’s what they do, it’s who they are and they are more than proud of it (as they should be!). Jay’s Artisan Pizzeria is located at 2872 Delaware Ave in Kenmore, NY (right next to Buffalo, NY).

I can’t believe that I never had the opportunity to try Jay’s Artisan Pizzeria while I lived in Buffalo, NY. However, I can tell you that after reading through the menu on the web page I am adding it to my “must try and review” list for the next time I am in the Kenmore, NY area.

The best pizza that I have had in Buffalo is a hard choice to make because there are so many excellent pizza joints. However, finding the worst pizza in Buffalo is much easier. In my opinion, Jet’s Pizza Their pizza was far too expensive for the tasteless cardboard that they give you.

Where can I find the best Chinese food?

Where can I find the best Chinese food?

Red Pepper Chinese and Vietnamese Cuisine

This restaurant is obviously known for its Chinese and Vietnamese dishes. They are located at 3910 Maple Road in Amherst, NY (another section of Buffalo). Glancing at their menu I am truly astounded. The reviewers love the food here and especially love the prices and I can see why! Just from looking at the menu I can see that their variety is impressive (far exceeds typical Chinese take out) and their prices are more than comparable to typical Chinese take out. Red Pepper Chinese and Vietnamese Cuisine restaurant has a 4.5 rating out of 5 stars on Google Maps.

The best Chinese food that I had in Buffalo came from Ling Lings. Their food was tasty, made quickly, and reasonably priced.

Where can I find the best Italian food?

Where can I find the best pizza?

Ristorante Lombardo

Located at 1198 Hertel Ave in Buffalo, NY this restaurant is one of the best for classic Italian food. It is located just down the street from my old townhouse, in the historically Italian district of Buffalo. Like many of the best restaurants in Buffalo, Ristorante Lombardo offers a unique atmosphere and a beautiful outdoor seating area in addition to its classic indoor dining room.

While I have yet to try this restaurant for myself, I plan to in the future. Their prices can be a bit extravagant for a casual dining experience, but if you’re in the market for celebrating a special occasion or an elegant date night with your love then this could be the place for you!

Where can I find the best diner food?

Where can I find the best diner food?

Sophia’s Restaurant

This restaurant is located at 749 Military Road in Buffalo, NY. Sophia’s is best known for the outstanding food and the impeccable and friendly service. Many customers rave about having Sophia herself as their waitress. This place was also featured and recognized by Guy Fieri on Diners, drive-ins, and dives!

While living in Buffalo I had heard about Sophia’s and we always planned to go but we just never got around to it. However, my husband and I love diner food and would most definitely stop in for a bite to eat the next time we are in the area.

The best diner that we had the pleasure to experience in Buffalo was a little hole in the wall type of place called The Kitchen Table on Hertel ave. Generally, we are there as a special treat for ourselves or if we had friends visiting. The food was decent, the staff was decent but the location was just down the street from our townhouse.

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Bailey Woodean
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