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The Food Truck Craze

Food trucks have seemingly taken over the way we eat out, here in the states. However, the actual concept of “food trucks” has been known for more than a century. Today, the trucks offer fusion dishes and are likely broadcasted on one or more social media sites.


Food trucks became a more appealing and more affordable option to those dreaming of their own restaurant. Owning and running a restaurant is difficult, keeping it successful is hovering on impossible. This is largely due to the uprise of corporate franchises and restaurant chains that pop up everywhere. Food trucks remain one of the most unique and modern types of restaurants. Of course, with this fad exploding across the country, who knows how much longer they will hold their uniqueness.

Is the food truck craze countrywide?

It certainly seems that way! In 2014, a study was done to find out which city in the United States had the most food trucks. At that time, Los Angeles, California led the pack with 269 food trucks. Food trucks have erupted in popularity over the last decade and today, they can be seen at nearly every outdoor gathering, event, or venues such as parks, ball games, or even college campuses. Some cities host food truck extravaganzas which involves a single location, large enough for at least 20 or more food trucks to park and serve their customers.


Food Truck Tuesdays in Buffalo, NY

Larkin Square in Buffalo, NY is the location of one of the most outstanding festivals in Western New York. Food Truck Tuesdays! This event is seasonal, typically running from April to October. While this is a free event, you may need to pay $5 in the “preferred parking” and of course any food or drinks will need to be bought, as well. It is wise to bring cash just in case a particular food truck doesn’t accept credit card payments (although most of them do these days).

Larkin Square

There are usually 30 or more food trucks parked at Larkin Square. They begin serving their customers around 5 pm. And typically close down around 8 pm. A live band plays for the majority of the event time. If you’re ever in Buffalo, NY during the spring and summer months then Food Truck Tuesdays are a must-try!

The Great Food Truck Race

The Great Food Truck Race is a reality show of exactly what it sounds like. Hosted by Tyler Florence, this is a show broadcasted through the Food Network, showing several food truck teams driving from state to state serving the locals. The objective is to be the most successful food truck in each state. The winning food truck team drives off with a $50,000 prize (sometimes $100,000), the food truck they competed with (in some seasons) and bragging rights! As of now, there have been 10 seasons of The Great Food Truck Race and they don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon!

Food Truck

Food truck craze in Toyland!

Food trucks have become so popular that they are even creeping into the toy aisle. Several toy-making companies have joined in on the fad craze with both toy-sized and “pretend play” sized food trucks for kids.
One of the food truck toys is made by Jada. They call it the ​Food Truck White Just Trucks Series Diecast Model ​ . This is a relatively small food truck toy for either boys or girls to play with. This toy truck is sold for approximately $34.99.

Another food truck toy is a “pretend play” sized truck made by Fisher-Price. This popular toy brand is commonly known by parents for their bright colors and informative, multi-level products. This is the ​Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Servin’ Up Fun Food Truck ​ . This food truck toy comes with more than 20 accessories including plastic pizza slices, bacon avocado burger, and much more! My son was given this particular food truck toy (pictured below) as a gift for his second birthday and he absolutely loves it! He loves pretending to drive the truck, cook a meal, and serve it to his father and me. This truck is typically sold for $60.

Food truck

Finally, Little Tikes makes a “pretend play” sized food truck for kids, as well. This food truck toy is called ​Little Tikes 2 in 1 Food Truck with 40+ piece accessory set. ​ This truck is very similar to the Fisher-Price model but this one sells for $99.99 on average.


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