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The Goat Portsmouth

Recently my fiancé and went out with a close friend and decided to give a restaurant a try. It is at the end of the main road in Portsmouth called Congress street. The Goat seemed like the most natural place to go; they are known for some decent burgers and a lot of bar food. I, of course, tried a cocktail, since that was another thing they were known for. It ran a little on the sweet side but was, in fact, a potent mix of drinks. The food was decent for bar food, and pretty well priced for the amount you received.

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The ambiance was a bit odd when you first walked in. On the outside is a giant picture of a goat, in a black building that almost looked like you would be walking into a rock n roll style pub. However, when you walk in the first thing you will notice all of the giant flat-screen T.V.s playing sports and loud country music. Since there are not many sports going on right now, some of the giant T.V.s were playing dog competitions? The last thing you will notice is a giant bar directly in the middle of the room shaped like a square and some rusty looking folks sitting around it.

Would I ever go back? No. Should you try their burgers once? Absolutely. I may order takeout from them if they continue to do it because some of their food was mouthwatering, but the vibe was strictly not my scene.

Must Have’s from The Goat

Goat Melt Burger

This burger is so hard to eat, yet incredibly tasty if you can get it down. This is made up of two full grilled cheese sandwiches as the buns, and inside, it consists of two giant beef patties dripping with nacho cheese. Inside the grilled cheese sandwiches, you will also find lettuce, tomato, bacon, and Doritos.


This is precisely what it sounds like! In between the buns is a stack of BBQ smoked brisket and more BBQ sauce on top served with Cheddar cheese. It the best texture, melting in your mouth without being overly chewy.

BLT Burger

A classic burger most places will have but still incredibly delicious to try. If you’re not in an adventurous mood, this is a safe burger to try. It is loaded with a big beef patty, lettuce, tomato, onion, avocado, and mayo mixed with garlic. It is simple yet tasty and elegantly put together.

Not in the mood for a burger? That is totally okay; they have other options to choose from, and here are the top three from my list.

Fried Pickles

Not only does this appetizer come with pickles battered and fried, but it also comes with jalapenos mixed into the bunch. If you’re looking for cocktails and snack food, this is one of the best things you can get. It is light, crunchy, and a good light meal to start or carry you over while drinking a beer.

Goat Tacos

All right admittedly, this one sounds a little misleading because there is no goat in this taco. You get a choice between chicken, pork, and or steak. In the middle is loaded with everything you would expect in a taco. It is a good meal for anyone not feeling the burger life.

Pulled Pork Sandwich

This is pork cut into thin slices, boiled, and then strained. It is served with BBQ sauce on grilled potato buns. You can get it with a side of coleslaw or home fries.

If you’re in the mood for country music or some decent burgers, definitely check out this place at least once. They’re perfect for anyone who loves a unique rustic vibe, loud country, and strong cocktails. They’re an easy walk from the center of town, and a shorter walk from the local parking garage. There is no side parking for the restaurant, so you will have to walk in.

142 Congress Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801

The Goat Portsmouth
address142 Congress St. Portsmouth, NH 03801

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