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The history of tacos and burritos

Who doesn’t love tacos and burritos? They are so versatile and delicious and in many ways, they are also quite nutritious. But, what is their story in history? Just for fun, let’s find out!

Tacos: Who invented the taco?


Who invented the taco?

According to an article found at, it is believed that the taco was invented by Mexican silver miners. Why? Well, according to the article, silver miners in Mexico around the 18th century would use the word ”taco” to describe pieces of paper that they would wrap around gunpowder and place in the holes of the rock face to help charge and excavate the ore. Another fact that is discussed in this article to help prove the theory that Mexican silver miners invented the taco is based on the original name for it which was ”tacos de minero” translated into miner’s tacos. However, this is just one of several theories out there about how the taco was invented.

What did the first taco consist of?

Tortilla shells (both hard and soft) have been around for generations throughout all Hispanic communities. The soft tortilla shell was often used as a plate or eating utensil or as a general host for several types of food. Therefore, it can be argued that the original taco consisted of anything and everything that a person ate within that shell. However, it can also be argued that tacos have always been made with some kind of meat or beans as well as vegetables and spices.

When was the taco introduced to Americans?

According to an article found at, the was first introduced to Americans in the United States around 1905. Why? Well, it is believed that the Mexican migrants began coming to the United States to work on the railroad systems and it is safe to say that they would have brought their cuisine with them.

How popular is the taco around the world today?

Taco’s popularity has exploded around the world so much so that the United States isn’t second to Mexico in annual taco consumption. Which area is second to Mexico? Norway! Norwegians love tacos so much that they have made it their Friday night dinner where the United States may make their Friday night dinners pizza, wings, fish fry, and the like.



Who invented the burrito?

Similar to the invention of the taco, there are several theories as to how the burrito came to be. One theory believes that the burrito came about around 1910 in Chihuahua, Mexico around the time of the Mexican revolution. The other theory discusses the possibility that burritos were invented as portable meals and named after the Spanish name for donkey, ”burro”.

What did the first burrito consist of?

It is likely that the original burrito also consisted of some type of seasoned meat, vegetables, refried beans, and likely also included guacamole or salsa.

When was the burrito first introduced to Americans?

It is unclear exactly when Americans first became introduced to the delicious burrito but records indicate that burritos were served in a Spanish Los Angeles restaurant El Cholo Spanish Cafe in the 1930s.

How popular is the burrito around the world today?

According to the article found at burritos are very popular with people between the ages of 13 and 50. In fact, a survey conducted with 1,000 people revealed that 72% of them admitted to consuming 2 to 3 burritos each week!

So, on this national holiday of Cinco de Mayo let’s all hit up our closest mighty taco, taco bell, Moe’s, or Chipotle to celebrate! Or, you can simply visit your local grocery store to buy ingredients and make tacos or burritos right in your own kitchen!

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