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The Magical In – Seasonal Fruits and Veggies

Today almost every country in the world can enjoy fruits and veggies that are not even in season. This is all thanks to the modern way to preserve the food and keep it in the freshest point until it reaches the stores. While this is amazing, and we can always stop the cravings it doesn’t have that touch of filling when we were counting the days until spring/summer comes so that we can eat strawberries, watermelons, etc. To tell you the truth, I still keep myself off from out of season veggies and fruits for very important reasons. There are so many benefits that come with seasonal food that it is hard to ignore.

Tastes Better

The produce that is in-season is fresher, perfectly ripe, sweeter and it tastes a lot better. When the vegetables and fruits that are naturally ripened and then harvested on time they will have more nutrition and flavor. When crops are transported they need to be harvested earlier and then refrigerated during transportation so that they don’t go bad. This chilling process reduces their flavor. The next thing that happens is they are heated in s special hothouse. Here they ripen artificially so that they can be sold. This process also reduces texture and flavor. Think about those tasteless greens, flavorless tomatoes, and floury apples. In some cases, the food might be even rotten inside.


Healthier with high nutrition

The products that we buy in season are definitely fresher. Since it is consumed soon after harvesting the nutritional value is higher. The best way to get carotenes, folate, and antioxidants, like Vitamin C, is by consuming seasonal fruits and veggies. This is because if stored for longer periods the amount of these nutrients decline. How to notice if the product is in seasonal and local? Simply by noticing their color. If it is fresh it will be vibrant and brighter and not dried up and limp.

Supports our Nutritional Needs

Let’s take winter for example. It is a season when citrus produce is at its peak and the vitamins that come with them are important. It prevents infections like flu and colds. The veggies in winter also are the best for hot tasty meals like casseroles, soups, and stews. While in summer the stone fruits are packed with carotenoids. These help us by protecting us from the sun. In addition, they provide energy, while the veggies are the best for cool salads. Nature has always been taking care of us, everything is created with a plan and as well as vegetables and fruits.


You will save money

Aside from being healthier, the in-season produce is cheaper too. This is because framers harvest larger abundance because the crop is in season and so the cost goes down. Also, because it is locally sourced there are lower storage and traveling expenses. Produce that is out of season is transported from another area with a different climate. The high price that we pay for the out of season produce is due to the storage and transport expenses.

As the last point about in-season fruits and veggies, I must point out that is environmentally-friendly. As we eat more local produce, and in season, we support the local farmers. Even if this seems a small thing it makes a great change. Everything is lower the hothouses, refrigeration, transportation, and irradiation.

So, why not make it your goal to start eating in-season produce. If you have been looking for a way to start a healthier diet and life this is where you should start. Are you craving for strawberries in the winter? Just think about how worth it will be to wait and have a real taste of the in-season strawberries in spring. Plus you will also be saving money. No matter from which side you see this, you will be winning big!

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Maja Bilbilovska
Maja Bilbilovska
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