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The Organic Coup, changing the way we see fast food

Written and photographed by Morgen Sechler – 6/27/2020

Oh, the elusive fried chicken… the countless efforts to perfect this American favorite. The trials and errors so many before have endured to reach perfection. Okay, yes, a tad dramatic but it’s fried chicken we’re talking about! Who doesn’t love a beautifully seasoned, breaded, fried up piece of chicken gold? I know I haven’t met them yet, but even if I did, I’m sure a meal at The Organic Coup would change their mind.

The Organic Coup

The organic Coup is a fried chicken centric restaurant with multiple locations on the west coast, holding the title of the first USDA Certified Organic fast food restaurant in America. They strongly emphasize this in their menu and in their marketing, clearly trying to be one of the necessary leaders in the health-conscious change of the fast food market. The owner, a mother with two growing sons wanted quality quick food for her family. When starting this mission, she made it her goal to see that anyone can have access to quality sourced, local food in an environment that usually provides the opposite.

The Organic Coup
photographed by Morgen Sechler

“The first USDA Certified Organic fast food restaurant in America.”

Along with multiple locations they have a food truck with a very busy schedule that’s serving anywhere from San Francisco, San Jose, Brentwood and all the areas in-between.  I was lucky enough to catch The Organic Coup food truck in my hometown recently to snag a plate of their seriously impressive chicken. Their truck is the standard truck you’ve come to recognize. Incased in black with quite a variety of phrases popping out in white lettering, saying; “eat your peaceful protest”, “organically cocky” and “food revolution”. They are clearly trying to represent their title of USDA Certified Organic and their food stands by that.

Their menu is fairly simple, offering fried or grilled chicken in either a sandwich, in a salad bowl, in a grain tortilla wrap or simply as chicken tenders. Some more off beat options would be a corn dog or tater tots. I opted for the salad bowl with fried chicken, needless to say, it was absolutely delicious! Shredded cabbage mixed with red onions and jalapenos soaked in a vinegar like sweet sauce with a heaping scoop of guacamole, laid under neatly cut slices of gorgeously fried chicken.

Finishing it beautifully with a tangy, roasted chipotle sauce drizzled over the whole plate. The chicken was browned to perfection with the tasty chunks of fried batter clinging to the edges of each piece. Who are we kidding? Those are the best parts. The flavor resembling a double coat in what tasted like a buttermilk batter. Focusing more on keeping the moisture of the chicken then the amount of spices or seasonings. This feels like a nod to the USDA Certified Organic Label. If you’re eating that quality of chicken in a fast food environment you want the quality to showcase and be present, it only helps drive their many moto’s.

“Eat your peaceful protest.”

With the overabundance of fried chicken we have in America it is a welcome treat to see a fast food company providing quality over quantity. A progressive direction that countless other food service providers should embody and practice. The Organic Coup is making big moves in the fast food world, leading by example, serving locally sourced ingredients and truly running organically. They have so much going for them, but when it comes down to it, they just prepare incredibly great fried chicken. In the end that’s what were really looking for in any chicken centric restaurant. A fried-up piece of chicken gold.

The Organic Coup


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Morgen Sechler
Morgen Sechler
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