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The Original Steve’s Diner – Rochester, NY

It all started when my friend showed up to my house with what looked like a pizza box. Upon asking her if she got pepperoni or buffalo chicken, she opened the box to show me what was inside – a massive chocolate chip pancake. It looked so much better than a pizza; there were chocolate chips perfectly melted into the batter, it was still warm, and I couldn’t help but reach over and rip off a piece to eat for myself. No syrup or anything… it didn’t need it.

The Original Steve’s Diner – Rochester, NY

Steve’s Diner

Steve’s Diner calls their pancakes “love cakes.” They have a whole page of their menu devoted to these ginormous love cakes, ranging from the plain buttermilk for four dollars, to all sorts of different kinds like cookie dough, pumpkin, or even buckwheat for five dollars. Every time I’m in town back at home, I try a different pancake, slowly making my way down the list. I don’t normally do this, but the love cakes are all so incredible, I really don’t think I will ever be disappointed in one. They have over thirty different kinds!

Obviously, this diner has much more than just their pancakes, but the pancakes are what hooks you. Anybody that goes to Steve’s for the first time has to get a love cake; it’s just an unwritten rule. Nowhere else in the area will serve a pancake as huge or as fluffy as a Steve’s Diner love cake.

 my younger brother, with both his bacon and eggs, and his peach pancake

Here’s my younger brother, with both his bacon and eggs, and his peach pancake. Whenever I take him to Steve’s, he wants to sit “at the bar,” because it makes the experience more fun for him… the servers are always incredibly sweet and funny, and although they’re busy, they always have time for at least a smile.

Eating at Steve’s is eating at a classic, cute little diner, with a side of specialty in pancakes. Steve’s takes their pancakes and goes above and beyond… In the very back left of this photo, there are specials written on the chalkboard, which include cannoli pancakes (cheesecake flavored). When I say you can come to this place every day for months, and always get a different meal… I mean it. They are beyond creative when it comes to breakfast.

Ever since I saw my friend’s pancake box, thinking it was a pizza box, Steve’s has been my go-to breakfast restaurant. Open 7am until 2pm every day, Steve’s has two locations, with a third opening soon. The first one, in Penfield, NY, opened in 2002, and the second diner opened just a couple years ago, in Fairport, NY. These are both suburbs of Rochester, NY, which is a perfect location for the cute diners. We don’t have to venture to the city and worry about parking or traffic when we want our love cakes.

 my mom took (always remember to take your mom out to eat!) of me a few months ago.

Here’s a picture my mom took (always remember to take your mom out to eat!) of me a few months ago. We couldn’t decide what kind of pancakes we wanted, so we compromised; I ordered blueberry, she ordered peach, and we cut them in half, splitting each of them.

My mother got scrambled eggs and sausage on the side, and I got bacon with scrambled eggs. Our server was very good with keeping her coffee refilled, along with our waters. And the love cakes, although it goes without saying, were delicious. I’m generally loyal to blueberry pancakes, however, I will say that the peach pancakes were just as good, if not better. They were sweet, fresh, and different, in the absolute best way possible.

Steve’s Diner has become my favorite breakfast restaurant, whether it’s with my family, my friends, or my boyfriend. It’s the perfect place to have a casual, unique breakfast, and no doubt a much more fun way to start a day than making your own breakfast. Constantly trying new pancakes, along with the fantastic food and service, keeps me coming back to Steve’s, bringing as many different people as I can to share the experience with!

The Original Steve’s Diner
address1694 Penfield Road, Rochester, New York 14625, United States

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