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The Rising Aroma of Street Food in Canada

Canada is a  diverse multi-cultural group of inhabitants. They bring a vast variety of cultures and tastes to our population. Whether it is history, language or the people’s themselves they offer us a wealth of life experience. One of the ways that they enrich us is through food-street food.

Just what is street food? It is generally considered to be ready to eat food stuff sold by a hawker or vendor located in a public place such as a portable booth, mobile food cart or vehicle such as a food truck.(Wikipedia) We normally associate these places as serving only hot dogs and finger foods. They have advanced beyond to offer so much more. Depending on the geographical area you are in, you may find an unlimited array of choices in street foods.

What types of foods can you purchase there?

 Trust me when I tell you that these choices go far beyond simple quick food stuffs.  You can find everything from coffee and snacks up to and including entire gourmet meals. Whatever your tastes in cuisine you will find it. The sheer scope of food choices will boggle the mind. Feeling adventurous? How about grilled octopus? Not into meat? There are plenty of vegan options. Are you thinking Asian? No problem. Ever have prairie oysters? I will leave that up to you to discover for yourself. There is simply no denying what your taste buds crave.

Plaza of Nations
Wikimedia Commons

Why are street foods so popular?

Street foods in Canada are extremely popular.  An article from Ibis World (July 2019) predicts that the  trend toward this style of dining will only increase over the next few years. Why? Street foods appeal to consumers for a number of reasons. First,they are affordable. Low overhead costs from the vendors means that the savings can be passed on to the buyer. Second, the wide variety of choices available. Food buyers can find higher quality, budget friendly fare to suit every taste.

Food Vendors Vancouver
Wikimedia Commons

Where can you find street foods in Canada?

Street foods can be found from the Atlantic to the Pacific on this great land mass we call Canada. in their 2017 report lists a number of food attractions from Vancouver, British Columbia on the west coast over to Halifax on the east coast and everywhere in between. The type and style of street food goes beyond a simple stationery food stand. There are entire food festivals for anyone to take part in.  And if food isn’t enough, take in some  live entertainment or fun and games for the kids. You are sure to find something for the entire family at one of these venues. Because of the reality of winter here in Canada most street food vendors will operate seasonally from May to October. Some will run one day a week, others daily, some once per month. Many, because they are so mobile move from place to place always on the lookout for the most opportune situation to set up operations. You may even  be fortunate to  find a food kiosk that operates all year round. Be on the lookout for one of many located to serve you with their tasty wares.

Night Market Chinatown
Wikimedia Commons

Canadians do love food. With our multi-cultural roots and peoples there is no accounting for good taste and good eating. Street food is very popular here in Canada and will continue to be for years to come. With a great variety of vendors and locations there is certain to be something for everyone. Go out and locate a vendor and try some delicious street food today!

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