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Whoah, whoah hold the tomatoes.  Before you condemn us, we want to be clear; we’re not trying to take away your alcohol! It’s great to treat yourself, but It’s even better to treat yourself without any regrets on the other side.    

While some mixed drinks are beautiful to behold and it’s hard to imagine that 2 or 3 more could hurt, mixed drinks aren’t always the best choice for your diet.  This is, even if you want to cheat on your diet or treat yourself. claims that hard liquor tends to have more calories; yes, that’s more than beer or wine.  We understand that you may not be counting calories as you go out, instead you want to let loose and be free.

No one’s judging.

However, if you’re not thinking ahead, you may regret packing on the calories the next day.  No one likes that feeling right?

While we’re on the subject of the health mixed drinks, calories aren’t the only pressing matter.   Some mixed drinks are made with processed powders and syrups that are unhealthy, not to mention the high fructose corn syrup in some of them, this means that it is harder on the digestion.  The colors, the arrangements, the flavors are fun and very tempting.  If you can’t resist temptation, it may help to limit yourself as much as possible. 

Your waiter may not know if there is high fructose corn syrup in your beverage, but for the most part if a drink is not made with 100% fruit juice, it’s very possible.  Fruit juice is not the healthiest option either as there is a lot of sugar, which is another reason to limit your intake.  Of course if you’re going all the way, you want to go with with fruit juice, over high fructose corn syrup. 

You may already know that some fruit juices have hfc syrup but the hope in this situation is that you can ask if the beverage is made with freshly squeezed juices.  It’s understandable that in the middle of a merry conversation with friends that you may not want to have a nutrition discussion about what you’re going to drink, however, if you plan to indulge and drink more than 1 or 2 of these beverages, you may want to inquire.

drink or not drink
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No one wants the extra calories, and most people are not particularly excited about their prices either.  To be honest, if you were to prepare these same beverages at home, you could save yourself a pretty penny.  So why do we pay for these exotic refreshments?  Maybe it’s the meryment ,  being distracted by the party atmosphere makes it easier to go with the flow, instead of thinking about how it will process in our bodies. 

The budget for drinks is another issue as well, the prices can add-up rapidly.  Ordering sparkling water, perhaps with some fresh fruit mixed in so you don’t feel totally deprived may be a great place to start.  If you’re not quite this strong in resisting temptation, maybe start off by drinking wine or beer instead of hard liquor as we’ve already learned, these options don’t have quite as many calories.

Choosing to treat yourself more sporadically, or at least less may be more rewarding in the long run.    Having a trusted friend or two to help your real things in may be helpful, so that you can save a couple more bucks! Remember that if you can’t resist right off, at you can make sure that your beverage is made of fresh ingredients!  Enjoy!     

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