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Top 10 Best Cakes You Should Not Miss

Linh Nguyen Quy
Linh Nguyen Quy
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1. Cassata

Considered to be the most famous dessert of Sicily, Italy, consisting of a sponge cake that is sprinkled with fruit juices, topped with fresh fruit, topped with chocolate mousse and fragrant ricotta cheese, its name is said to be catchy. derived from the Arabic word qas'ah, referring to the bowl used to make cakes.

This dish is traditionally a winter and spring speciality, and is often served around Easter. People usually refrigerate for about 3 hours before eating. In the 14th century, this was the dessert of the nobility.

2. Sachertorte

Top 10 Best Cakes You Should Not Miss: Sachertorte

The original is Austria's most famous cake. This is a classic, multi-layered chocolate sponge cake topped with high quality apricot jam and chocolate. Sachertorte is said to taste best when served with a little sugar-free cream on the side. The dish was invented by chef Franz Sacher in 1832, This chocolate cake is famous and the city of Vienna has established a national Sachertorte day, on December 5 every year. 

3. Cremeschnitte

As a vanilla custard tart, the number one name mentioned among the classic desserts in Central and Eastern Europe and what most people call cremeschnitte, German for piece of ice cream, or cake. In Poland, it is called Napoleonka.  According to Historical Sociolinguistics, it is believed that the origin of cremeschnitte dates back to the amalgamation of two cuisines in the Austro-Hungarian empire, but it is also believed to have originated in France. 

4. Kasutera

Top 10 Best Cakes You Should Not Miss:

Is a traditional Japanese sponge cake, made from sugar, flour, eggs and starch syrup. This specialty from Nagasaki contains no butter or oil, and has a soft, moist, spongy texture. The cake, also known as Castella, was brought to Japan by Portuguese merchants in the 16th century. Today, when visitors to Nagasaki will find many variations of this cake, such as chocolate flavor, green tea, brown sugar, honey ..

5. Tompouce

Tompouce is a classic Dutch pastry made of a thin puff pastry filled with cream and covered with a silky, pink icing coating. In most cases, the dessert is made in a rectangular shape. The frosting in Amsterdam is usually tinted vivid orange around King's Day to reflect real Dutch colors.

The cakes are generally served with tea or coffee and eaten with pastry forks in formal situations.

6. Japan: Mochi

Japanese mochi is a characteristic of the land of the rising sun. In Japan, mochi is a traditional cake used in many occasions from holidays to traditional festivals or as a dessert. There are many types of mochi with different recipes and flavors. Even so, the crust is made from the best glutinous rice and this cake means luck that the gods have bestowed on the people of Japan.

Mochi is traditionally produced by soaking sticky rice overnight, then pounding it into a paste using a specific wooden mallet and pestle, then shaping it into spheres or cubes. This happens during special mochi-making events held around the New Year, with whole towns gathering to see the spectacle. Eating mochi as a sweet treat or in meals like ozoni or zenzai since it is extremely chewy and sticky

7. India: Mawa Cake

Some of the most popular tastes in Indian sweets include cardamom, rose, and saffron. They aren't commonly utilized in cakes or pastries. Mawa Cake, on the other hand, is a cake that incorporates these tastes and is quite famous in India. This cake is extremely popular in Mumbai and Pune's Parsi and Iranian bakeries and cafés.

Mawa cakes are milk-based cakes studded with cardamom and nuts such as almonds or cashews. Mawa is hardened milk made by gently boiling milk until all of the liquid has evaporated. This cake is notably popular in Mumbai, where it was served at the now-defunct Irani cafés that once dotted the city. Those cafes may have succumbed to the new fast food chains and new age eateries, but their cakes remain one of Mumbai's favorite pleasures.

8. Mexico: Tres Leches Cake

Although this delicious, milk-based sponge cake originated in Mexico, it has become a favorite cake across South America. A butter sponge cake serves as the dish's foundation, which will be soaked in three types of milk: condensed, evaporated, and normal. It's usually served with whipped cream or Meringue on top. The result is a moist, rich cake with a distinct flavor from traditional sponge cakes.

9. Financier Cake

French financier cakes have been around for over a century in France. A pastry maker called Lasne developed the dish in the nineteenth century.

The cakes are made in molds and fashioned to resemble golden bricks, called in French as lingot. Almond flour, almonds, egg whites, brown butter, and sugar are commonly used to make financiers.

Nowadays, French financiers come in a variety of shapes: rectangular in some regions, circular in others. But one thing is certain: financiers are delectable.

10. Steamed Tapioca Layer Cake(Bánh da lợn )

Pig skin cake is a pretty famous dessert in Vietnam, especially in the southern provinces. In the traditional way, each pig skin cake will have a light yellow layer made from green beans and a green layer made from pandan leaves. In addition, other ingredients such as durian or taro can be used flexibly. 

The cake consists of many layers overlapping each other with a soft, thin, chewy texture like pigskin. It is known that pork skin cake is one of the famous specialties originating from the Southern provinces. This type of cake can be made and eaten all year round thanks to easy-to-find and easy-to-cook ingredients.

The cake is soft, supple, and tough like pig skin, so it is so named. Pig skin cake has a cool, sweet and fragrant taste, not boring to eat. Cakes are created with many different shapes and colors, eye-catching and attractive to diners.

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