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Top 10 Burrito restaurants in the world

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Fawad Zafar
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Little Donkey

The word burrito signifies “little donkey” in Spanish, being the small type of burro, or “donkey”. The name burrito, as connected to the dish, potentially gets from the propensity for burritos to contain various things like how a donkey would certainly carry a lot. Some states that the dish started in the nineteenth century by either the vaqueros in Northern Mexico, farmers in California, or the diggers from Sonora.


Burrito is a dish comprising of a wheat flour tortilla that is wrapped by such a way, that it is conceivable to completely encase the tasty filling on the interior. The filling comprises of a blend of different ingredients, for example, meat, beans, rice, lettuce, guacamole, and cheese, among others.

The first appearance of the burrito was recorded in the mid 1920s in Los Angeles when the proprietor Alejandro Borquez opened the Sonora Café and began serving the dish. He changed the name of the restaurant to El Cholo Spanish Café, it’s still in business.

When it became popular in the United States, various varieties of the dish began showing up, for example, Thai chicken burrito, Chinese pork burrito, and breakfast burrito.


The Beef Filling is the significant part in the burrito formula. It’s highly seasoned and juicy so it gives the “wetness” in the burrito just as the flavor blending through different ingredients when you roll it up.

Freeze the burritos in individual servings by enclosing every burrito by aluminum foil before baking. Then simply remove one (or more) burritos from the freezer when you’re prepared to eat.

Different types of Burritos are,

Breakfast Burrito:

TheBreakfast burrito is a unique variety of a burrito, comprising of a tortilla stuffed with ingredients that are normally a breakfast meal staple, for example, eggs, bacon, and potatoes. It was created in 1975 in Tia Sophia, a café in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Breakfast burrito

The breakfast burrito began to get on and soon discovered its way into standard fast-food establishments, for example, McDonald’s and Taco Bell. Eggs, bacon, and potatoes are the key ingredients, there are no set guidelines on what comprises an extraordinary breakfast burrito, so it can likewise be loaded up with different ingredients, for example, tomatoes, cheese, ham, spinach, and beans.

Mission Burrito:

mission burrito

The first Mission burrito was made either at El Faro taqueria in San Francisco’s Mission District on September 26, 1961, or at La Cumbre Taqueria on September 29, 1969. The burrito large and consists of a big, press-steamed tortilla that is loaded up with baked beans, rice, sour cream, guacamole, salsa, shredded lettuce, and jalapeños.

California Burrito:

California burrito is the specialty of San Diego, which is additionally where it was invented. It was initially made as an approach to feed the city’s hungry surfers, in light of the fact that there is a predominant beach culture in San Diego.

California burrito

The burrito consists of a flour tortilla stuffed with carne asada, a lot of cheese, french fries, sour cream, and guacamole.

Wet Burrito:

Dianas wet burrito

This burrito variety is particularly famous in Michigan. It can sometimes be found all through the United States, in California, Washington, and Texas. The burrito is called wet since it is covered in red chile sauce, and the entire thing is then topped with loads of melted cheese.

Top 10 Restaurants:

The top 10 restaurants of Burritos are,
1. Papalote Mexican Grill, San Francisco, United States of America
2. Lucha Libre Taco Shop, San Diego, United States of America
3. Tia Sophia’s, Santa Fe, United States of America
4. El Parasol, Santa Fe, United States of America
5. The Surfin Burrito, Cancun, MEXICO
6. Colima’s Mexican Food, San Diego, United States of America
7. Burritos Crisóstomo, CIUDAD JUÁREZ, Mexico
8. The Pantry, Amsterdam, Netherlands
9. Café Pasqual’s, Santa Fe, United States of America
10. L’ Patron, Chicago, United States of America


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