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Top 10 Churrasco Restaurants in the world

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Churrasco is a Brazilian grill technique where succulent pieces, steaks, slices, and hacks of meat, pork, sheep, and chicken are set on huge sticks and flame-broiled over a wood fire. It began in the mid-1800s when the Gauchos (European migrants that settled in the Rio Grade do Sul territory) would get together and light a fire, including enormous bits of meat sticks and gradually grilling the meat.

In the restaurants, known as churrascarias, the sticks are strutted over the eatery in an ostentatious way, and the waiters rotate around the tables to show off the succulent meat to hungry diners. After the clients have picked their favored kind of meat, it is cut off the sticks to the feasting plates.

The dish Rodízio, the subject of this grill experience is everything you can eat, so the customers should know to accompany an unfilled stomach. Beef is the most mainstream choice, despite the fact that livers and hearts are particularly rich and chewy.

In Brazil, the meat will frequently be from the zebu. Zebu is a lean type of kettle with a hump that is particularly prevalent in churrasco as a cut of meat called cupim. Churrasco begins with appetizers and an assortment of servings of salads offered from a big buffet, as a review of what might is to come.

The typical backups for the meat incorporate rice, farofa grains, potato salad, steamed greens, black beans, fried bananas, onions, and different chili sauces. Churrasco is additionally popular as a cooking technique in countries, for example, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Guatemala, Argentina, Ecuador, and Chile. Every nation has its very own preferred cuts of meat and backups for this famous grill style.

Photo by Alexandru-Bogdan Ghita on Unsplash


The main ingredient of Churrasco is the grilled steak seasoned with chimichurri. The dish is served with plantains, french fries, and white rice.

In Argentina and Uruguay, a churrasco alludes to any boneless cut of meat that is sliced like a steak and barbecued over hot coals or on a hot skillet. Gauchos would have flame-broiled churrasco as a major aspect of their Asado, presently the national dish of the two countries, presented with serving of salad, fried potatoes, and a fried egg.

The chimichurri sauce is optional because the meat is savory and salt is also sprinkled over the meat during cooking.

Different varieties of Churrasco are,



Picanha is a new cut of meat that is particularly well known and profoundly prized in Brazil. It’s called sirloin top in the US, and in the UK, it’s known as the rump cap. On the backside of the animal and above the butt, Picanha is situated.


The meat is first grilled and then cut off of a stick. This cut holds almost no fat in the meat, so it must be cooked splendidly all together not to make it extreme. In Brazil, each churrasco has picanha, and the majority of the best churrascarias include picanha on their menus.
The name picanha is gotten from the word picana. The technique was brought over to Brazil where the word picanha was utilized to allude to the piece of the cow that was poked by farmers with the shaft.


4- Alcatra

Alcatra is an uncommon cut of top sirloin. Enormous, long, and lean, this steak is prized for its succulence and a healthy beef flavor. The cut is regularly utilized for churrasco, the conventional Brazilian grill technique. Alcatra is probably the biggest cut that is filled in as a piece of churrasco.

It ought to be consummately prepared with salt, and then barbecued with a layer of fat until its vast majority dissolves away, and the staying fat winds up crispy. Before serving, it’s normally expertly cut in decent churrascarias.


Cupim of the Brazilian Zebu dairy cattle is a delicate, rich, and marbled cut of meat. This meat cut is found only in Brazilian cooking and has no blood and squeeze. It’s normally stewed or broiled in churrasco. At the point when served in churrascarias, the meat is portrayed as rich, and with a delicate and stringy surface.
It’s normally prepared with salt and barbecued low and slow for a couple of hours. If it’s cooked in stews, the fat will scatter, making cupim less oily.

Top 10 restaurants:

The top 10 restaurants of Churrasco are,
1. Churrascaria Palace, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
2. Churrascaria Barranco, Porto Alegre, Brazil
3. Churrascaria Majórica, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
4. Garfo e Bombacha, Canela, Brazil
5. Ipanema, Doha, Qatar
6. Marius Degustare, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
7. Santos Manjares, Buenos Aires, Argentina
8. Al Sottobosco, Madonna Di Campiglio, Italy
9. Grill Hall Panorâmico, Passo Fundo, Brazil
10. Fogo e Chama, Natal, Brazil

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