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Top 10 cuisines to try when in Australia

Tobias Kumwenda
Tobias Kumwenda
From passion to (aspiring) profession, this is what prompted me to enter this project: Travel and Hospitality Industry. The desire to work in contact with a world that has always intrigued and fascinated me.
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With so many new cuisines popping up around the world and with so many new food products coming out on the market, it can be hard to keep track of them all!

So what do you do when you’re going to another country and want to try something unique?

That’s where this list comes in! Here are the top 10 cuisines that you should consider trying when in Australia!

You won’t regret it!

Greek foods in Australia
Selection of traditional greek food – salad, meze, pie, fish, tzatziki, dolma on wood background, top view

1) Greek

If you have a taste for seafood, you will love Greek cuisine. Many dishes include a variety of fish and meat with vegetables served with rice, pasta or potatoes.

There are also several vegetarian options available if you’re looking for something lighter. A popular drink is ouzo, which is a liqueur that tastes like licorice and anise.

If you’re looking for something non-alcoholic, try a Greek coffee; it’s brewed much like espresso but it’s far less bitter and contains more sugar than regular coffee because of its thick layer of foam on top (called kyro).

Here are some Greek restaurants in Australia:

Mexican foods in Australia
assorted of mexican food with fajitas, chili con carne and nachos with avocado, beef and cheese

2) Mexican

As you’d expect, Mexican food is heavy on meat and cheese, with a bit of spice. Tacos and burritos are everywhere in Oz. Tortillas can be served soft or hard depending on your preferences.

For example, some people like their tortillas crispy while others prefer soft and chewy. Tacos can come with a variety of fillings such as lettuce, guacamole, sour cream and salsa among others.

Burritos are larger meals that often come with rice as well as other filling ingredients (such as beans) on top of what’s already inside it. Usually, an Australian burrito is much bigger than its Mexican counterpart.

Here are some Mexican restaurants in Australia:

Middle Eastern foods in Australia
selection of libanese food mezze

3) Middle Eastern

Australian cuisine hasn’t traditionally embraced Mediterranean flavors. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good falafel while visiting Sydney.

The Middle Eastern food scene has long been one of Sydney’s best-kept secrets, but over recent years you have seen many restaurants popping up with shawarma, kebabs and other famous street food dishes from around the region. Try Tiba`s restaurants for authentic Lebanese meals cooked by truly Lebanese family, or Nour for more upscale fine dining options. Be sure to also check out Za’atar Bellingen on Bellingen for hearty Turkish fare like babaganoush (eggplant dip) and grilled lamb.

Malaysian foods in Australia
various malaysian noodles top up view

4) Malaysian

Though known for its street food and amazing Malaysian delicacies, you can actually find a few fine dining restaurants that offer genuine Malaysian cuisine.

If you want to eat a perfect Malaysian roti in a restaurant voted as one of the best priced restaurants, Mamak is for you. Another restaurant where you can find the best satay, curry and roti in Australia is The Malaya. Plus, who doesn’t love good prawn noodles? You should definitely stop by Penang Cuisine.

Thai foods in Australia
Top view composition of various Asian food in bowls, free space for text

5) Thai

With food so fresh and flavorful, it’s no wonder that Thai cuisine is loved around the world. This spicy Asian favorite hails from Thailand and often consists of rice or noodles served with meat or vegetables.

One of Thailand’s most popular dishes is pad thai, which comes with shrimp, eggs, bean sprouts and a side of peanut sauce. It may seem strange at first the peanut sauce isn’t quite like you would expect! but it’s delicious nonetheless.

Another popular Thai dish is green curry, made with chicken or beef and a flavorful green chili paste; many opt for tofu instead if they don’t eat meat.

Here are some Thai restaurants in Australia:

Indian foods in Australia
Assorted indian food on black background.. Indian cuisine. Top view with copy space. pANORAMA, ANNER

6) Indian

Indians make up a huge chunk of many cities’ populations, and luckily for you, they really know how to cook. The variety of curries, breads and chutneys they prepare is staggering.

Try Chicken Chettinad Kerala chicken ( Malabar South Indian Restaurant Darlinghurst and Clayton Chettinad Restaurant) cooked with a hot and spicy tamarind sauce or Tandoori Chicken – marinated boneless chicken baked in an Indian clay oven; either will surely leave you wanting more.

If you’re hungry for some vegetarian options, there are plenty as well: Seekh Kebabs are made from minced lamb with spices and can be served on their own or with naan (Indian flatbread). Vegetable Manchurian is deep-fried veggie dumplings prepared with tangy sauce.(Kasba Indian Restaurant Truganina VIC)

Italian foods in Australia
Italian food assortment on dark background. Traditional food concept. Dishes and appetizers of indeed cuisine. Flat lay, top view, panorama

7) Italian

Eating Italian food is a guaranteed good time. Australians love their Italian food, and it’s not hard to see why.

With its delicious sauces, fresh ingredients and countless vegetarian options, Italian food is widely considered one of the best.

A cheap lunch or romantic dinner out are easy choices but if you want to treat yourself, there’s nothing better than a bowl of steaming pasta al pomodoro! ( Aromi Contemporary Italian Restaurant Brighton)

If you want more ideas on where to eat Italian food in Australia, here are some of our Italian restaurant recommendations.

Vietnamese foods in Australia
vietnamese beef pho with spring rolls in flat lay composition

8) Vietnamese

Pho, a traditional Vietnamese soup is loved around the world, and there are plenty of places to enjoy it on your visit to Australia. ( Pho Vietnamese Cuisine, Mekong on Kensington Street, Pho Gia Hoi )

There’s also fried rice with prawns, bánh xèo (like a savory pancake with shrimp and pork), lemongrass chicken and sticky rice with mangoes. To drink: iced coffee or coconut water.

Spanish foods in Australia

9) Spanish

Spain’s cuisine is popular all over, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid trying it. In fact, Spanish food is incredibly diverse.

It has many influences from Italy and France, making for dishes that are exciting and intricate.

The perfect place to sample some authentic Spanish food is at a tapas bar. Tapas bars are places where you can sit down for a simple meal or as part of a fun night out with friends (or both!).

There will usually be many varieties of tapas on offer—some hot and some cold—so be sure to have one of each kind!

If you don’t speak Spanish well enough, just let your taste buds do the talking. Buen provecho!

French foods in Australia
Exclusive restaurant meals. Duck confit with braised cabbage, baked apple and cranberry sauce served on snow white plate with cutlery on black table background, copy space, top view

10) French

French cuisine is known for its rich sauces and high quality of ingredients, making it a foodie’s delight. Australian French restaurants offer many amazing dishes including steak tartare, duck confit and croque monsieur.

To best experience an authentic French meal, visit your local bistro or any of this restaurants:

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