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Top 10 Famous Sashimi Restaurants in the world.

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Linh Nguyen Quy
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Japanese Sashimi is a dish that is very demanding in terms of ingredients selection and processing techniques. In order to have delicious and eye-catching sashimi pieces, chefs in Japan must be trained in knife techniques and skills. In which, the most popular ingredients are fresh seafood and they must be “sashimi standards” from fishing tools to handling and processing on the spot to ensure freshness and deliciousness.

In the sashimi portion, the most popular and popular seafood are: salmon, tuna, orange fish, mackerel, squid, octopus or a special type of puffer fish that few people dare to enjoy. For the Japanese, the best way to enjoy traditional sashimi is to eat it before other dishes or just eat sashimi with rice and soup, This is important for the taste of the food, they don’t want the food Other strong odors affect the fresh and delicious taste of seafood.

Top 10 Famous Sashimi Restaurants in the world.

If you have never tasted any raw food, when using Japanese sashimi, you should be prepared because the spicy taste of wasabi can make you choke, however, just go to the next pieces of sashimi. , when your senses are awakened, you will be addicted to this dish, The sweetness, freshness and bar of the seafood combine the medium salty taste of the dipping sauce, all blending and gradually melting in the mouth making Diners have an unforgettable experience.

How to prepare Sashimi

The way to prepare Sashimi can be roughly understood as cutting raw meat to eat. The origin of the name Sashimi comes from the traditional Japanese harvesting method. The fish used to make Sashimi are caught with a separate fishing line, right after catching the fish, a sharp nail is used to pierce the fish’s brain. The fish dies immediately and is placed in chilled crushed ice, This process is called Ike Jime, the reason for killing the fish immediately is because this will help the fish meat to limit the amount of lactic acid, the frozen fish meat will also be fresher.

Sashimi is Japan’s “national spirit”, Sashimi is cut into thin slices, about 2.5cm wide, 4cm long and about 0.5cm thick, Sizes can be different or patterned depending on the type of ingredients. and the Chef creates the dish, Sashimi’s meat and fish pieces must be cut beautifully, definitively, smooth like silk, Sashimi pieces must be beautifully arranged, interwoven in harmony with vegetables and spices , producing masterpieces that conquer all senses.

Sashimi is eaten with dipping sauces such as soy sauce, soy sauce, spices such as wasabi, ginger and some vegetables such as perilla, mint and sliced white radish or some types of seaweed. The most common is mustard that both enhances the taste of the dish and kills harmful bacteria found in raw seafood, aiding digestion.

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How to enjoy:

Also made from seafood, but sashimi is a dish that consists mainly of fresh seafood, only served with perilla or Thai radish, while sushi is a combination of seafood (mainly seafood). raw fish), caviar or vegetables, rolled in seaweed and served with rice mixed with vinegar.

Top 10 restaurant in the world:

  1. Sukiyabashi Jiro – Tokyo, Japan
  2. Bamboo Sushi – Portland, Oregon
  3. SUSHISAMBA – Las Vegas, Nevada
  4. Kin Chan – Honolulu, Hawaii
  5. Miku – Vancouver, British Columbia
  6. Masa – New York City, New York
  7. Sushi Sora – Tokyo, Japan
  8. Akiko’s  – San Francisco, California
  9. Komuro – Tokyo, Japan
  10. O Ya – Boston, Massachusetts

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