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Top 10 Khachapuri restaurants in the world

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This tasty cheese bread known as khachapuri is the most acclaimed dish in Georgia. It is generally bested with liquefied cheese, eggs, and butter. There are various sorts of khachapuri, and despite the fact that some new cheese assortments, for example, mozzarella and feta have been consolidated in the dish, the most widely recognized additions still incorporate traditional Georgian Sulguni or Imeretian cheese.

It is folded into various forms and relying upon the baking system and its structure, it may be expended individually or shared. Two of the most widely recognized assortments incorporate the Imeretian khachapuri, folded into a round structure, and Adjaran khachapuri, the open-faced version bested with butter and also including raw egg on top.

Khachapuri is frequently arranged in Russia, in the entire area of the previous Soviet Union, and all through the world. This dish is also known in the rest of the world.

Despite the fact that it is viewed as a snack, khachapuri can regularly be expended as a full meal. It can be purchased at various stands situated nearby Georgian streets. Khachapuri is frequently arranged in Russia, in the entire area of the previous Soviet Union, and all through the world. This dish is also known in the rest of the world.


Types of Khachapuri:

Imeruli khachapuri:

Imeruli khachapuri is a customary Georgian bread loaded up with liquefied cheese. Unlike traditional khachapuris, the imeruli assortment is round and circular in shape. The mixture comprises flour, salt, sugar, yeast, water, yogurt, while the cheese filling is generally enhanced with the addition of eggs.

It is recommended to glaze imeruli khachapuri with butter when it is out of the oven and serve it while it is hot.

Adjarian khachapuri:

Adjarian khachapuri:

One of the most well-known khachapuri assortments, Adjarian is an open-faced pie that is loaded up with a blend of cheese and eggs. The base is produced using a yeasted dough that is folded into an oblong shape and traditionally comes loaded up with Sulguni or Imeretian cheese, or the mix of both.

The dish is done off with an egg that is put on top, and the pie is then heated until the egg is set. This pie hails from the coastal Adjaria locale, and it is generally presented with a slice of butter on top.

Mingrelian khachapuri:

Mingrelian khachapuri is a Georgian khachapuri assortment starting from Samegrelo. Despite the fact that it’s very like its Imeretian cousin, this khachapuri is round and it’s topped with significantly more cheese.

The dough is set up with flour, water, yeast, sugar, and salt. When it has risen, the mixture is topped with a blend of eggs and cheese, at that point heated until the cheese turns out to be bubbly and brilliant dark-colored. Prior to serving, this khachapuri assortment can be rubbed with butter, whenever wanted.

Penovani khachapuri:

Penovani khachapuri is a Georgian khachapuri assortment starting from Samtskhe-Javakheti. To set it up, a blend of Imeruli and Sulguni cheese is grated and joined with egg yolks. The blend is put on a bit of puff pastry that is folded into triangles or squares.

Prior to heating, each khachapuri is brushed with a blend of egg yolks and milk. These tasty little pies are prepared for utilization after they puff up in the oven and become brilliant dark-colored. This khachapuri assortment is the most effortless, speediest, and least difficult to make of all the khachapuri versions.

Top 10 restaurants:

The top 10 restaurants of Khachapuri are,

1. Khachapuri, MOSCOW, RUSSIA
2. Khmeli & Suneli, SOCHI, RUSSIA
3. Sakhachapure №1, TBILISI, GEORGIA
5. Che? Harcho!, SOCHI, RUSSIA
6. Lagidze Water, TBILISI, GEORGIA
7. Machakhela, TBILISI, GEORGIA
8. Porto Franco, BATUMI, GEORGIA
9. Keto and Kote, TBILISI, GEORGIA
10. Vysota 5642, MOSCOW, RUSSIA

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