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Top 10 Martabak restaurants in the world

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Fawad Zafar
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Martabak is like a fried pancake and tortilla-like stuffed which is regularly filled in as a well-known street food item in countries, for example, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and Malaysia. In spite of the fact that the fillings may change, the absolute most prominent ones incorporate ground meat, eggs, onions, garlic, ghee (known as oil), peppers, and curry.

For extra seasoning, fresh herbs are used, such as coriander and mint. The flatbread mixture should be very flimsy and requires a great deal of skill. Mutabbaq is another name of the dish. The meaning of the word is collapsed or alluding to the manner by which the stretchy batter is collapsed around the filling during cooking.


The final result is typically formed like a square shape, directly after it builds up a brilliant golden colored shading on the two sides. It is accepted that the dish was invented in Yemen and Saudi Arabia around a similar time. Both the two nations have a huge Indian population, so the dish also spread to different locales of the Arabic world, including Persia, and India.

From stalls, when Martabak isn’t served straight, it tends to be found in various stores in its completed structure. While the sweet assortments called martabak manis are particularly famous. Martabak Manis is loaded up with chocolate, peanuts, and sugar.  The dish is also described as a folded omelette with a variety of vegetables.


The main ingredients of the authentic martabak recipe are,
Flour, water, salt, oil, ghee, minced meat, onion, green onion, shallots, garlic, eggs, pepper, coriander, chili powder, and cumin.

Martabak is crispy on the outside and lavishly stuffed inside. Martabak is one of the most well-known street food dishes over the Western and South-Eastern Asia. Despite the fact that it appears to be an easy dish to prepare from the start, its arrangement requires some genuine expertise.

Martabak is cooked on the two sides until caramelized, while the level of freshness involves individual inclination. Hot martabak is cut into little divides and presented with some lemon or plunging sauce. Sweet martabak or martabak manis is especially well known in Indonesia, and its planning strategy is somewhat unique. The mixture is in actuality a thick, which is cooked from one side. The top is spread with ghee or butter, chocolate, peanuts, and dense milk. Cheese can also be used. After the dish is ready. the pancake is folded, cut, and served.

Yemini Martabaq:

This recipe gives bearings on the most proficient method to make a great Yemeni martabak loaded up with minced meat, onion, garlic, eggs and different flavors. In Yemen, mutton is the most common meat used. Mutton can be replaced with beef or chicken. The filling can likewise be improved with white cheese.


The dish was invented in Yeman and was derived from the Arabic word mutabbaq. Some also believe that it was invented in Saudi Arabia. Theory also suggests that the Indian Traders brought the dish to Yemen. Martabaq is presented with different names in different countries. The dish is popular in Asian Countries.
In Indonesia, there are two types of Martabaq, Savory Martabaq telur, and Sweet Martabaq manis. Martabaq is one of the most popular dishes in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. The dish is tasteful, low-cost, and widely available.

Top 10 restaurants:

The top 10 Martabak restaurants are,

Zam Zam
Singapore Zam Zam

1. Singapore Zam Zam, Singapore, Southeast Asia

2. Zalatimo’s, Jerusalem, Israel
3. Victory, Singapore, Southeast Asia
4. Martabak Boss, Jakarta, Indonesia
5. Roti-Mataba, Bangkok, Thailand
6. Hameediyah Restaurant, George Town, Malaysia
7. Muslim Restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand
8. Spize, Singapore, Southeast Asia
9. Martabak San Fransisco, South Tangerang, Indonesia
10. Zalatimo Sweets, Amman, Jordan

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