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Top 10 Parrilla restaurants in the world

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Fawad Zafar
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A simple iron grill, Parrilla.  The dish is famous all over the world. The dish is mostly popular in Argentina. The smoke is ascending from the terraces of homes while preparing Parrilla, and also from nearby eateries or home-cooked asados.


Parrilla is an Argentine word with two implications. It very well may be utilized to portray a common Argentine steakhouse restaurant, or it can indicate a metal barbecue utilized for setting up the meat. The metal flame broil is a piece of conventional asado grills. Parrilla comes in different sizes and shapes. A flame grill is consisted in the dish with a firebox on the side.

The firewood is stacked into the firebox. Charcoal can also be used instead offirewood, and once the ashes are dropped, you can put the coals under the flame grill. The plate is regularly tilted on a decline with the goal that the overabundance juices can dribble downward all together not to cause any flare-ups. Parrillas can be found in various homes and eateries in Argentina, and the meat barbecued on it regularly incorporates morcilla blood wieners, chitterlings, chorizo frankfurters, ribs, salchichas parrilleras,  sirloin, tenderloin, and skirt steaks.



During the 1950s, a Swiss man thought of the cooking strategy which included steeping the chicken in salamuera. The meat can also be steeped in saltwater marinade. On algarroba coals, the meat is cooked over a moderate fire. The chicken is put on a metal spit, persistently, over the warmth. Parrilla is a time-consuming dish for the cook.
The ingredients of Parrella include, Garlic, paprika, laurel, saffron, and cayenne pepper.

Because of the production of programmed rotisserie equipment, the way toward cooking chicken (or some other meat) has turned out to be a lot simpler. The notoriety of the cooking system has detonated all-inclusive and is utilized in different cultures and countries.


To overcook beef is impossible in Argentina. The locals like it medium to well done. The quality of the meat is significant for the preparation of the dish. Tomato, lettuce, white vinegar, and onions increase the richness of the meat perfectly.


Chimichurri, shockingly, isn’t an apparatus on Argentinean tables. Also if it is, it’s positively not sparkling with new herbs. Dried oregano is a significant ingredient and also a great extent for preparing Parrilla.

Uruguayans lean toward their barbecue tops to be inclined at a 45-degree edge; along with the slanted mesh with its scope of temperatures and vicinities to the fire, they gradually, cautiously explore the connection among meat and fire.

Parrilla can be paired with Malbec Argentina or Bonardo Argentina. Both are types of red wine.

Top 10 restaurants:

The top 10 restaurants of Parrilla are,
1. Los Arribeños, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2. La Cabrera Parrilla Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
3. Don Carlos, Buenos Aires, Argentina
4. Caldén del Soho, Buenos Aires, Argentina
5. Gran Parrilla del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina
6. Parrilla Peña, Buenos Aires, Argentina
7. El Mirasol de La Recova, Buenos Aires, Argentina
8. El Patio de Mingo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
9. El Secretito, Buenos Aires, Argentina
10. Brasaviva Parrilla Argentina, Buenos Aires, Argentina


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