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Top 10 Risotto restaurants in the world

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Fawad Zafar
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Risotto generally well known and very adaptable gathering of dishes comprises of a base of rice and stock. Saffron, butter, and parmesan are a portion of the fixings regularly joined with the base to make an assortment of delightful risottos. The history of the dish is overflowing with clashing theories about its origins, it is sure that rice was first acquainted with Italy by the Arabs during the Middle Ages.


Since the Mediterranean atmosphere was ideal for developing short-grain rice, it started being sold in immense sums, basically in Venice, Genoa, and the surrounding regions. As rice picked up in popularity, it turned into staple nourishment of the Po valley, Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, and the city of Milan.

It wouldn’t have been long until the rice was joined with saffron, which the Milan region was celebrated for, and the unbelievable risotto alla Milanese was imagined. Even today, risotto is still normally arranged to utilize a similar key segment: rice, butter, stock, wine, saffron, parmesan, and onions.

The dish is served all through the world, so there are additionally various assortments with fixings, for example, squid ink, truffles, asparagus, veal, and scallops.


Famous types of Risotto:

Risotto Al limone:

Flavorfully creamy, yet superbly light, risotto al limone or lemon risotto is a customary Italian risotto assortment that is particularly prized in the mid-year. It is made with shallots, butter, rice (ideally of the Arborio or Carnaroli varieties), egg yolk, lemon zest, and lemon juice.

After it has been gradually cooked, to build up the richness, the entire dish is regularly finished with ground Parmigiano-Reggiano and served hot.

Risotto Alla Milanese:

One of the least difficult, yet most extravagant rice dishes, this rich risotto gets its distinctive shading and flavor from saffron. The dish was first made at some point in the sixteenth century, during the development of Duomo. Evidently, it was designed by either the master glazier of Milan’s house of God, a Flemish painter named Valerio Diependale, or his student, nicknamed Zafferano, who routinely utilized this costly spice to stain the glass windows yellow.

The principal formula under the name risotto alla Milanese was found in Giovanni Felice Luraschi’s 1829 cookbook Nuovo Cuoco Milanese Economico, and after some time, this saffron-seasoned great turned into a traditional backup to ossobuco, another mark dish of Milan.

Saffron Risotto:

Saffron risotto is a Ticino strength, made with Swiss saffron that is developed in the canton of Valais. This hand-picked, dark red saffron is truly outstanding on the planet, and it is frequently referred to as red gold. Aside from it, the dish comprises of rice, onions, butter, garlic, tomatoes, and meats, for example, veal and bacon.

It is frequently prepared with salt, thyme, and pepper. The final product is a creamy risotto with a subtle, yet unquestionable fragrance of the exceptional Swiss saffron.

Risotto Alla Zacca:

Pumpkin risotto is a conventional autumn dish that is for the most part connected with northern Italy, especially with the areas of Veneto and Lombardy. The pumpkin can be readied and puréed independently, or it is slowly cooked close by short-grain rice, onions, white wine, and vegetable stock.

The entire dish is enhanced with nuts, sausage, or bacon and is generally polished off with the expansion of cheese and butter, for example, Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana Padano or Taleggio. Like different kinds of risotto, the dish is served warm.Top 10 restaurants:


addressVia Gaetano de Castillia, 28 – 20124 Milano


Trattoria Milanese, MILAN, ITALY
addressVia Santa Marta, 11, 20123 Milano MI,
WebsiteFacebook Page


Antica Trattoria della Pesa, MILAN, ITALY
addressViale Pasubio, 10, 20154 Milano MI

L’Altra Isola, MILAN, ITALY
addressvia Edoardo Porro, 8
20158 Milano
WebsiteFacebook Page
telephone+39 02 6083 0205

Trattoria alla Madonna, VENICE, ITALY
addressCalle della Madonna, 594
San Polo (VE), Italia
telephone+39 041 522 3824

Osteria Delle Quattro Tette, MANTUA, ITALY
addressVicolo Nazione, 4, 46100 Mantova MN, Italy
WebsiteFacebook Page

Osteria de’ Benci, FLORENCE, ITALY
addressBorgo Santa Croce, 31r, 50122 Firenze FI,Italy
WebsiteFacebook Page
telephone+39 055 234 4923

Pulalli Wine Bar, CAPRI, ITALY
addressPiazza Umberto I, 4, 80073, Capri
WebsiteFacebook Page
telephone+39 081 837 4108

addressVia Fegina 104
19016 Monterosso
(Cinqueterre – SP)
telephone+39 0187 817608

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