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Top 10 Thai Curry restaurants in the world

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Thai curry is generally a soupy dish comprising of water or coconut milk, meat, and curry glue. Thai curries have a more soup-like consistency as compared to the thicker Indian curries, and the cooks want to utilize crisp herbs and sweet-smelling leaves rather than zest mixes that are common in Indian curries.

In numerous Thai homes, curry is devoured consistently, and the cooks can look over two assortments of Thai curry: water-based or coconut milk-based curries. The most prominent water-based curry is sour curry, which is regularly arranged with a type of seafood, while the sour flavor originates from tamarind.

Probably the spiciest Thai curries are water-based since there is no coconut milk in the dish to curb the warmth. Coconut-based curries are progressively mainstream in the West. These are red, green, yellow, or panang curry.

Green Curry Ingredients


The main ingredient to prepare Thai Curry is water or coconut milk. Meat is also utilized. Other flavors include herbs, vegetables or fruit. Curries in Indian Cuisine are different from Thai curries because of the use of herbs and aromatic leaves.
Other typical ingredients include,
Shrimp paste, chilies, onion, garlic, coriander, galangal, and lemongrass.
Depending on the curry, different ingredients are used including pepper, turmeric powder, cardamom, coriander seeds, and cumin. Fermented boiled fish is also a significant ingredient depending on the type of curry.

Varieties of Thai curry are,

Green Curry

Green Curry:

TheThai name for the searing green curry is Kaeng Khiao wan. Even though the name means sweet green curry, it just alludes to the shading, which is known as sweet green. Thai green curry is a dish dependent on fragrant and hot green bean chilis.

Green chilis are used in the paste and blended with fixings, for example, galangal, lemongrass, garlic, coriander, kaffir leaves, turmeric, and entire peppercorns. The paste is the core of each green curry, an establishment which decides the last flavor of the dish.

Yellow Curry

Yellow Curry:

Yellow curry is one of the most famous curry in Thailand. Yellow curry is additionally made with flavors such as coriander, lemongrass, garlic, cumin, galangal, kaffir leaves, and various other sweet-smelling ingredients.

The flavors are generally joined with potatoes and onions. The ingredients are mixed in a sweet sauce made with coconut milk. What separates yellow curry from different kinds is the expansion of yellow curry powder, giving the dish its particular shading.

Thai Curry

Red Curry:

Red curry is one of the most widely recognized curry assortments in Thailand. It joins red curry paste, coconut milk, vegetables, and meat into a flavorful and healthy feast. Red curry paste and coconut milk are the establishments of the dish.

The paste is made with blended dry red chilis and ground with fragrant Thai flavors, for example, garlic, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, lemongrass, shrimp paste, cumin, and coriander. At the point when smooth red curry soup is made, different fixings, which may incorporate meat, fish or tofu, and different vegetables are included and cooked.

Curry Paste

Curry Paste:

Another word for Thai curry paste is Gaeng. Yellow curry comprises of coconut milk as its base. Other assortments of flavors include turmeric, cinnamon, bay leaves, dried chilis, ginger, coriander, cumin, and shrimp paste.

Other ingredients are beef or chicken, potatoes, onion, and pineapple. Red curries comprise of coconut milk, red chili powder, white pepper, cumin, coriander leaves, lemongrass, ginger, garlic, and kaffir limes.

Top 10 restaurants:

The top 10 restaurants of Thai Curry are,
1. Benjarong, Bangkok, Thailand
2. Khao Soi Khun Yai, Chiang Mai, Thailand
3. Soul Food Mahanakorn, Bangkok, Thailand
4. Inter Restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand
5. Rattana, Bangkok, Thailand
6. Lotus of Siam, Las Vegas, USA
7. Pai Thi, Dubai, UAE
8. Thiptara, Dubai, UAE
9. Pai Northern Thai Kitchen, Toronto, Canada
10. People’s Palace, Makati, Philippines


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