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Traditional Food In The Russian Village: Tasty, satisfying and appetizing.

Russia is a multinational country. There you can taste a variety of, sometimes very exotic, dishes of many nationalities – from Russian traditional borsch to Siberian jelly (made from low-grade cuts of pig meat, trotters, hooves, tail, horns).  But you can find traditional Russian dishes in any corner of the country. So, with what Russian cuisine will surprise us today?

Russian borsch

Russian borsch is very popular and beloved by everyone. For cooking, you will need meat, potatoes,  cabbage, beetroots , onions, parsnips, carrots, tomatoes. Be sure to add spices such as pepper and salt, bay leaf and garlic, vegetable oil and water. There are built-in garden recipes to choose from, but you are free to add more or less ingredients.

Second half of the 19th century. Red borsch. It is made from potatoes, cabbage, carrots, onions, parsley, dill and, necessarily, beetroots, thatks to which the borsch becomes dark red. Red borscht, as a rule, is cooked in meat stock, although historically it was a common meal of peasants, and meat was added to the dish only on holidays, on weekdays – mashed fat with garlic and onions was added. When serving, soup is usually seasoned with sour cream. Fresh, usually rye bread is also served.


That is, without exaggeration, the most famous dish of Russian cuisine abroad. It appeared in the Ural at the end of the XIV century. The word “dumplings” comes from a similar word of the Finno-Ugric group of languages, which literally means “bread ear”. Classic dumplings consist of minced meat (that can be  beef, lamb, pork) wrapped in unleavened dough made from flour, eggs and water. They are boiled in salted water and erved with butter, mustard, mayonnaise or other seasonings.

Traditionally all members of Russian family take part in cooking dumplings.  The larger the family, the greater the volume of blanks. Part of it is cooked immediately, the rest is frozen.

There are dumplings analogs in many cuisines of the world.

The story tells that this product was very popular during the Ermak’s travels. Since then, this dish has become the most beloved among the inhabitants of Siberia, and then the rest of the regions of entire  Russia. Quite often, the filling is prepared from chicken with the addition of sauerkraut, pumpkin and other vegetables.

Aspic jelly

Aspic jelly is unusual and strange-looking, but very nourishing and everyone’s favorite meat jelly. Often stands on the Russian table as a snack. Ideally, the jelly is made from a cow’s head, brains and all four legs, however, it’s perfectly acceptable to use only legs, adding cuts of meat, tails, etc. If it’s about using pork in a jelly, then it’s good to use pork ears, trotters. In general, for this dish, meat congeals because of the natural gelatin  should be used. After cooking, the aspic is left in fridge for some time. It is especially tasty to try jellied meat with mustard or homemade preparation – called by Russian the  “Damn thing” or horseradish. Each hostess has her own  unique recipe for this jelly-like dish. Homemade jelly with mustard is something that everyone should try at least once in their life and fall in love forever.

Today we met with the most famous dishes of Russian cuisine. But it is worth noting that everything that is cooked in the Russian village is tasty and healthy. Therefore, the centenarians of this huge country live in small villages. Fresh cow’s milk and butter, fruits and vegetables, clean, natural products. Here is the secret  for the longevity of the Russian people. The country of Russia is known for its unique food. And there isn’t enough time in one life for trying all dishes of this multinational state.

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