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Traditional Macedonian Food in Restaurant “Oreov Lad” – Skopje, Macedonia

I really love our traditional food, Macedonian. When I cook at home I focus on dishes that I have learned from my grandmothers, my mother and I even have one favorite that my dad cooks. In fact, in my family, everyone loves and enjoys cooking. I am not saying that I don’t enjoy some experiments and variations but the classic dishes are always more filling and comforting.

However, our traditional food can’t always be offered in restaurants. This is because some of them require hours of preparing and then cooking the actual dish. Well, that is why is so delicious. But, when I hear or read impressions from others who have visited restaurants that their theme and menu is based on traditional and home cooked meals I always go to try it myself. I am always searching for the best, one that will give the impression like the dishes that are were and are still cooked in my home.

Oreov Lad

It was a few years back when I heard about a restaurant that left an unforgettable impression on my parents when they were young. What was more exciting? It was that the same one is still working and it has become one of the best and most popular in the country especially because of their specialties and national kitchen. I am talking about Restaurant “Oreov Lad” Skopje, Macedonia.

But I wanted to see this for myself and so I went there about a week or so after I learned of this place. I loved that it wasn’t far away from the city I used to live. It was about 20-30 minutes drive. And of course, I made sure to reserve before going because you can hardly find a free table if you don’t.

An Ambient that Takes Your Breath Away

Oreov Lad

When I entered I was astounded, I couldn’t bear the thought that this place actually exists. It was like a magical wonderland filled with nature and beautiful scenes and aromas. In fact, it woke all my senses, especially the smell. It was mixed with nature and food. “The real deal” was my initial thought. Even though it was late spring and I would really love to sit and have my lunch outside I wanted to check out inside as well. Once I saw it I immediately pictured a nice winter day when the snow is falling and having dinner by the fireplace with a nice, calming and traditional music in the background.

So, yes, I was truly impressed by the ambient but my biggest worry was the food. Will they manage to serve freshly made and delicious traditional food without any delays?  There wasn’t one empty table and I can say that you really need years of experience to manage this type of restaurant.

Only Traditional Food

Once I got the menu I started to read and read. It took me maybe 30-40 minutes until I could pick something I really wanted to try. It wasn’t easy to choose, all of their dishes were just what I was looking for in a menu. So they passed this test and what was the moment of truth was the food itself.

Oreov Lad

I ordered “Pingjur” as an appetizer, it is my favorite in the spring and summer days. It is made from fresh ingredients, banana pepper, red tomatoes, and eggplant and as an addition I got a white cheese. For the main meal, I ordered something very interesting,

I can’t express my true experience from the first taste of the “pindjur” it took me way back when I was a kid and when my grandmother made it for me. Well, it most restaurants this is classified as an appetizer but in most Macedonian home this is served as a breakfast or even a main meal.

When it comes to the main meal that I got it was delicious, even more then I expected. I have had this traditional dish, I have made it myself but not like this, It was truly memorable. The main meal that I ordered was “Oreov Lad Grne”. It is a type of “casserole” made from three different types of meat (beef, pork, and chicken), mushroom and sauce, placed in a traditional baking clay pot closed with a clay lid and secured around with dough. This type of cooking keeps all the flavors inside and the clay pot gives a special flavor, the true flavor of Macedonian traditional food.

Oreov Lad

I just remembered one thought that I had when I was there for the first time. They have an amazing playground for kids, safe and fun. I thought to myself one day maybe I will bring my kids here to have lunch and let them play. Well, I did a few weeks ago (I have 2, a boy and a girl). They both enjoyed it here and not just them but our dog too. I really love this place it is open for everyone and everyone here is friendly and they really offer a warm and professional service. That is why I never miss out coming here.

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