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Traditional Moroccan Breakfast

Marrakech has been one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to. The food was phenomenal, the people were kind, and the atmosphere was extraordinary. One of the best restaurants I went to was right around the corner from my Riad and served some of the best breakfast I have ever had in my life. It was on a beautiful balcony that overlooked the rooftops of the city.


Moroccan Breakfast

If you ever get to go to Morocco, specifically Marrakech, Café Clock is one of the best places to enjoy a simple breakfast with the most refreshing mint lemonade you will ever taste. The breakfast itself is simple but like nothing you will ever try in the United States. It is quite simply the most superb breakfast you will ever have.

There is something magical about trying new foods away from your home country. A few days a week, my fiancé and I would sit on the deck of a wonderfully built restaurant to enjoy the food, the scenery, and each other. This commonly found breakfast in Morocco, believe it or not, is to live for.

Moroccan Breakfast

Must Tries at Café Clock

Now I would be lying if I said I only ate here once; in fact, I ate here a few times because the food was so beautiful. I had an excellent breakfast with a cappuccino that was remarkably different from the cappuccinos I have had in the States the first time I went. The second time I went, I had the most mouthwatering mint lemonade that was ever created. It was bitter, fluffy, and had a lot of cinnamon. I loved it. Here are a few must-haves if you are to enjoy what Café Clock has to offer.

•    Khobz and Jam- This is a type of bread traditionally served with jams and olive oil or with a side of butter. The dough is grainy but flat enough that it is almost like a pancake, only less sweet. It is not featured on their menu but it is baked fresh each morning, so you will have to be sure to ask if it is ready. It comes in one simple rolled up piece that is easy to split and entirely filling.

•    Muesli with Fresh Fruit and Yoghurt- A tasty breakfast that is filling yet seems very light when you start eating. It is filled with yoghurt, oats, and the freshest fruit you will ever encounter. It pairs great with the bread and jams.

•    Berber Eggs- These are different from regular eggs because Berber eggs are cooked in a clay pot and served how a tagine would be served. It is a mixture of ingredients and spices. The tagine pot allows the egg to slowly simmer and steep in all of the spices. One of the most incredible dishes you will experience at Café Clock.

•    Scrambled Eggs- This dish comes with roasted tomato that gives it a great zest and a vibrant look. Each egg is scrambled perfectly and can be a great addition to your morning bread with jams.

Now, this restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The most remarkable thing about this restaurant in Marrakech is that they will have guests come and perform live music at night. It is a fantastic experience that you do not want to miss out on. You must go to enjoy a leisurely breakfast with tea and lemonade, or a fun night out to hear the different voices in Marrakech. Each time I went to Cafe Clock, I made it my mission to try something new and they never failed to impress.

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