Friday, June 9, 2023

Turkish Breakfast

If you are visiting the Turkey, you must surely see İzmir.

Izmir is one of the perfect places in the world to spend a happy holiday due to its sun, beautiful sea and friendly people. Also, Izmir is a very unique destination with its cultural and historical attraction sites.

When you go to Izmir you must see Urla that is known for its Fish, Vegetables, Flowers, Olive oils and Wines.

Urla  is a small town 30 minutes by car outside Izmir. It has a population of 50.000 and thanks to the 6 lane highway, Urla is only 35km from Izmir center.

You can enjoy a lovely day in Urla with sea, forest and meal joy.

Also it is a nice selection to make a good breakfast.

Our recommendation among dozens of breakfast houses is Yoruk family restaurant.

The restaurant is in a lovely forest in Demircili which is 13km away from Urla centre. It is  in the hills just a couple of miles from the coast ,and located in a big garden.

Today is a very hot and sunny day. We park our car and enter the restaurant. The heavy wooden tables are spread widely in the shade of a grove of trees. If you want to escape from the heat this perfect family venue among the pine trees very cooler.

We select a table and review the menu.

We came here as 4 people. However, based on our previous experiences, we only order breakfast for two. Because that’s too much for us. We also want 1 portion of fried egg with sausage   and 1 portion of pita with minced meat and egg.

Our breakfast, which consists of various types of cheese, green and black olives, a few kinds of jams and honey, cream, butter, yoghurt appetizers and tomato paste appetizers, almost fills our table.  All is fresh and honest. The pitta bread was also fresh and heat. The traditional drink of Turkish breakfast is brought to a thermos.

Many of the products are carefully selected from their own production or products grown in natural environments from surrounding villages.

It is possible to see the chickens roaming freely between the tables.

There are ducks in the mini lake a little further away.

The 2 person breakfast really satisfies us.

We  highly recommend this breakfast to everyone.

Yörük Aile Evi

Adress:Yağcılar Mahallesi, Demircili Köyü Yolu, 35430 Urla/İzmir

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