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Unique Street Food in Venezuela

In Venezuela, street food is one of the most abundant thing about culinary items. Every city has one or several ‘’Hungry streets’’ where It’s full of food trucks selling street food of every kind. People tend to eat street food specially at nights, when its very common to go to a food truck after going to a party or after hanging out with friends. Street food is one of the most missed things when people leave the country, and we’re going to see why.

Street Burgers

You must be thinking ’Wait, hamburgers aren’t Venezuelan, so why are they here?’. Easy, street burgers are the most iconic street food in Venezuela. They use hamburger bread as usual, but the meat and chicken used tastes so different comparing to a regular burger. Also, street hamburgers are filled with ‘queso de mano’ (white, soft cheese), cabbage, tomato, and ‘papitas’ (kind of mini fries that go inside the hamburger) and traditional sauces like ketchup, mayo and mustard. Definitely, eating street burgers is one of the best Venezuelan culinary experiences.


Tumbarranchos are iconic when we talk about street food in Venezuela. They’re like a type of Arepa, but way bigger and filled with a lot of things that makes them delicious and gets you really, REALLY full. Tumbarranchos are originally for Maracaibo, Zulia and they are usually eaten at dinner. Tumbarranchos are like a combination between an Arepa and a Street burger, so it basically has the same ingredients, but instead of bread (like hamburgers), they are made out of precooked cornmeal. Tumbarranchos are filled with queso de mano, tomato, cabbages, and 250 grams of mortadella. Also, it’s recommended to use mustard and ketchup for a delicious combination of flavors.


Salchiqueso is a combination between ‘Salchicha’ (sausage) and ‘Queso’ (cheese), the main items used. They are one of the most ordered street food in Venezuela. Salchiquesos are like a hot dog, but filled with cabbage, a sausage, the ‘papitas’ previously mentioned, and one or two slices of ‘queso de mano’, the greatest and most used cheese in Venezuela. They are usually eaten at dinner and most people eat two or even three of them.


Wikimedia Commons

Pepitos are a kind of sandwich that was created in Barquisimeto, Lara. Pepitos’ bread is grilled two or three times, creating a really crispy sensation. Pepitos are filled with parmesan or melted cheese, and shredded beef or chicken, even both. Preparing Pepitos is really easy and it’s an excellent option when it refers to Venezuelan street food.

Agüita de Sapo

As Tumbarranchos, the Agüita de sapo is a type of Arepa very common in Venezuelan street food. ‘Agüita de sapo’ refers to ‘Toad’s water’, but don’t worry, It’s not made out of the amphibian. It is called like that because these kind of Arepas are filled with ham, and the sauce that this kind of ham send off when cooked. Also, Agüita de sapo’s has grilled cheese on the inside, and sauces like ketchup or mayo. Definitely, Agüita de sapo is an extraordinary option to take.

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