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Up and Coming Restaurant Chains Worth a Try: Part 1

Though chain restaurants often carry a bad reputation, the truth is they’re popular for a reason. Whether it’s good food, good ambiance, or just cheap prices, people like the venues in question enough to make them profitable. These days, the competition for having a popular chain restaurant is higher than ever.

The quality of a good chain restaurant is quickly becoming the number one marker for success. This series of articles will look at rapidly-growing chains worth a try…even if you generally dislike the idea of eating at a franchise.

Dog Haus

It’s been a long, long time since hot dogs got the love they deserve. Dog Haus, a rapidly-growing chain based out of Pasadena, is trying to change that. This chain focuses on making mouthwatering brats, dogs, burgers, and wursts topped with fresh ingredients and placed on Hawaiian buns.

The food is excellent, the surroundings are great, and the sheer number of combinations make it possible for everyone to find something they adore.

Blaze Pizza

Blaze Pizza

Blaze Pizza’s topped charts for the fastest-growing chain restaurants for several years in a row, and there’s good reason for that. Ultra-high quality ingredients, delicious recipes, and a fast-fire oven seem to be their keys to success.

The food is all made to order and you can choose from up to 40 toppings for your pie. Among regulars, the most common way they describe Blaze is a “Chipotle for Pizza.” So, if you’re a fan of Chipotle, you’re probably going to enjoy Blazen Pizza’s offerings, too.

True food kitchen

True Food Kitchen

If you’re tired of seeing chain restaurants that have little to no focus on your health, you’re going to love this one. True Food Kitchen was created by Dr. Andrew Weil, one of the biggest names in holistic health. Its focus isn’t just on flavor; it’s about your wellness, too.

The menu is entirely seasonal, made from scratch, and organic. Visitors can choose from gluten-free platters, vegan platters, and vegetarian platters. In other words, people who have dietary restrictions will find their new home here.

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar

Once in a while, it’s only natural to crave some decadently homey platters while you’re out and about. That’s what makes Lazy Dog one of the most rapidly-expanding franchises in the United States. This SoCal-based chain offers upgraded takes on comfort foods and gastropub fare, without pretention.

Fans of bacon, pizzas, piled-high bar bites, and hearty meat dishes will want to eat all their menu. Their happy hour isn’t too bad, either, especially when you consider how low their prices can get.

Shake shack
Snake Shack in Pacific Place

Shake Shack

For years, Shake Shack was one of the biggest names in all of New York City. Its decadent burgers, heavenly thick shakes, and crispy fries became a major tourist attraction among foodies from abroad. After much goading, Shake Shack ended up becoming a major chain across the United States.

Its popularity spread like wildfire, and most of it is due to the sheer quality of the food. Once you have a bite, you’ll be hooked for life.


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