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Up and Coming Restaurant Chains Worth a Try: Part 2

Chain restaurants are the name of the game in this series, and the franchise world has never been more fascinating. The chain restaurants people dine at reflect the overall culture around them and give us all a good look at what people value around us. 

chain restaurants

These days, chain restaurants aren’t the low quality disasters they once were. (*cough* Applebee’s *cough*) These new brands are starting to take over the game, and are definitely worth a shot. 

First Watch

When it comes to different categories of restaurants, few have seen as much decline as family dining. First Watch, a breakfast-focused restaurant, is trying to change that. This Florida-based restaurant has seen tremendous growth thanks to their fresh ingredients and highly inclusive menu. 

Truth be told, this chain has its work cut out for it. With terrible restaurants like IHOP and Denny’s ruining the reputation of breakfast restaurants for years, it will take a while for people to be willing to give this new chain a try. Hopefully, the stellar reviews will help. 

Mod Pizza
The first MOD Pizza location, at Union Square in Seattle, Washington

MOD Pizza

Blaze Pizza’s top competitor, MOD Pizza, also happens to be one of the fastest-growing new brands in the country too. The delicious pizza, fresh ingredients, and a flat rate pricing model that lets you get unlimited toppings for free. 

What makes MOD Pizza particularly commendable is its dedication to socially-conscious business. This chain is known for making an effort to hire people who otherwise would have a hard time securing employment, and for paying employees a solid, living wage. 


Getting good, chef-inspired burgers isn’t always easy, but BurgerIM tries to make it happen. With 11 different protein options, kosher offerings, and incredibly well-made dishes, it’s easy to see why this new chain is getting so much love. 

Like most other restaurants on this list, there’s a lot of customization and individualized choices that make BurgerIM work well with its client base. Currently, over 200 locations exist, but it’s expected that many more will open up soon enough. 

CoreLife Eatery

As people grow increasingly leery of dangerously high calorie counts on restaurant menus, restaurants are starting to focus on a healthier outlook. CoreLife Eatery is one of the newest brands to embrace healthy eating with fresh ingredients, made-from-scratch recipes, and nutritionally-balanced meals. 

This restaurant chain focuses on food bowls, soups, and handcrafted beverages that are packed with vitamins. It’s a part of a movement that everyone can enjoy. 

Mission BBQ

This petite restaurant chain is the epitome of “new cowboy chow.” The entire menu is an homage to Southern cuisine and “low and slow” cooked barbecue platters. The food alone isn’t what makes this venue such a country-friendly place to be, either. 

Mission BBQ’s decor is all-patriotic, and part of the restaurant’s mission is devoted to supporting our troops and donating to veteran organizations. If that isn’t all-American goodness, we don’t know what is!


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