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Up and Coming Restaurant Chains Worth a Try: Part 4

If you haven’t noticed, we really are going hard on finding the best new chain restaurant brands of the year. That’s why we are doing a total of five different articles covering the newest major and indie food chains that are making a major splash among diners across the nation.

In this portion of our series, we’re going to take a look at some of the newest, trendiest, and most surprising chains to make their way into our hearts. Watch out for these awesome venues in a neighborhood near you!


Poke bowls are a type of “open face sushi” hailing from Hawaii, and in recent years, their popularity exploded. One of the biggest chain venues to cater to the increased demand for this Asian-Hawaiian treat is Pokeworks. This fast-casual venue has started to pop up everywhere on the East and West Coasts thanks to their fresh fish and delicious recipes.

This venue is a great place to go for lunch, or for a customized poke bowl. If you haven’t tried it yet, you absolutely have to. Sushi bowls are just as good as they sound!

 Ruth's Chris Steak House in Charlotte
Ruth’s Chris Steak House in Charlotte, North Carolina Mx. Granger [CC0]

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

This isn’t a new chain restaurant, per se, but it’s definitely gaining more traction than ever before. This hyper-upscale, pricey restaurant is quickly becoming the go-to venue for people who want amazing, juicy, and flavorful butter steaks paired with mouthwatering side dishes.

A true carnivore’s heaven, this steakhouse brings out excellent cuts of meat, specialty butters, and a cooking method that really has to be experienced in order to be fully appreciated. It may be a splurge, but it’s worth every little penny.

Eddie V's Prime Seafood
Eddie V’s Prime Seafood, a fine dining restaurant at 501 Grant Street in the Union Trust Building in downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Tony Webster from Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States [CC BY-SA 2.0 (]

Eddie V’s Prime Seafood

Ruth’s Chris may be a steak lover’s heaven, but if you are a fan of seafood, Eddie V’s is the newcomer you need to watch. This top rated chain restaurant prides itself on fresh fish, delicious steaks, and a country club ambiance that few other restaurants can match.

This old school lounge and restaurant offers nightly music, happy hour specials, and a vibe that makes you feel like you’re part of the old boys’ club. What’s not to love?

Maggiano’s Little Italy
St. Johns Town Center, Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida
Michael Rivera [CC BY-SA 4.0 (]

Maggiano’s Little Italy

In a world where pizza delivery services and fast food reign supreme, it’s nice to see that some chain restaurants are taking a more old school approach. Maggiano’s Little Italy, for example, serves way more than just pizza and does it using classic Italian flavors.

Along with having seriously impressive pasta dishes, Maggiano’s is gaining clout for having chefs provide cooking tips to fans and for giving their restaurants an ambiance that avoids the common trappings of a chain franchise. Maggiano’s did its hometown of Chicago proud.

The Ainsworth

Perhaps one of the smallest chains to be featured on this list is The Ainsworth, and honestly, it deserves more recognition than it gets. This upscale restaurant chain is mostly based in the NYC tri-state area, and is known for having seriously impressive surf and turf. This is the very same restaurant that served wings made with 24-Karat gold, paired with champagne.

It pretty much embodies the look of modern decadence, and their (literally) golden wings are proof of it. Expect big things from this little chain in the future.

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