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Up and Coming Restaurant Chains Worth a Try: Part 5

Franchises are no longer a verboten category of food in the restaurant business. Love that franchise life, but don’t know which chains to try out next? With all the new chain restaurants expanding in the food-o-sphere, it can be really difficult to figure out which ones are worth going to.

Still looking for the new chain restaurant brand of your dreams? Fear not. We In this final article of our five-part series, we’re going to highlight some more of the new chain restaurants that are changing the way people see franchises in the food industry.

Flower Child, Del Mar, California
Flower Child, Del Mar, California .
Hot Concept Award Winner Flower Child. Fox Restaurant Concepts

Flower Child

As the name suggests, Flower Child is a restaurant focused on peaceful surroundings, Earth-friendly meals, and promoting a healthy lifestyle using fresh meals made from scratch. It’s a restaurant on a mission to change the way people see healthy food.

This franchise doesn’t just offer up vegan food; they go the whole nine yards when it comes to food standards. The food here is organic, sugar-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free…but totally delicious!


Maybe Ricky Ricardo was singing about this new brand when he was crooning on I Love Lucy. This six-venue chain is all about bringing Latin culture to the forefront with delicious tapas, tacos, and tasteful decorations.

Handcrafted cocktails, artisan shareables, and awesomely modern recipes make this a place you just can’t miss. That being said, Babalu is more fusion than traditional, so if you’re looking for authenticity, this might not be the place.

110 Grill

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a good grilling place, and 110 Grill knows that. This New American restaurant isn’t looking to bombard people with exotic ingredients or hyper-trendy dishes. Rather, it’s all about classic ingredients prepped with care, presented to diners in an elegant manner.

This is the kind of restaurant that isn’t pretentious but keeps things classy all the same. If you ask me, that’s something we can all enjoy.

Num Pang

Most franchises you’ll see are banking on a certain level of familiarity, especially when it comes to cuisine. That’s why there are so many pizza franchises, burger joints, and Mexican venues that make it big. Num Pang is daring in this respect. It’s a chain restaurant that is totally dedicated to Cambodian fare.

This fast-casual franchise has brought fresh Southeast Asian cuisine to New York City, and opened up peoples’ eyes to a little-known flavor profile that is bound to explode. It’s a party in your mouth, and a global trip through your tastebuds. We give it an A+ for its adventurous, exotic flair!

Bunk Sandwiches

Bunk Sandwiches

Made by three indie rockers with a taste for good grub, Bunk Sandwiches is all about giving great flavor that you can eat on the go. This rocker-friendly chain brings up gourmet offerings like banh mi, pork belly, herbed tuna melts, and classic BLTs to the table.

Between the great craft beer selection and the tasty sandwiches you get, it’s hard not to want to drop by once in a while. It’s basically the spirit of Portland in a restaurant.

Dig Inn

Dig Inn

New York City’s Dig Inn became a darling among foodies who want a reliable, healthy, and flavorful meal. It’s easy to see why. This farm-to-counter fast casual restaurant simply fits the foodie bill perfectly. The food is healthy, has gorgeous presentation, and tastes just as good as it looks.

You literally can’t get bored of the food at Dig Inn. All the food is local and seasonal, so the menu is constantly changing. Don’t worry, though. No matter what they’re serving, you can rest assured it’ll be great.


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